Setting that holiday table…

So many people get frustrated when it comes to decorating their holiday table. They overdo it and try too hard and the key is keeping it simple. Use what you have and be creative. Less is more!

All you really need is a simple centerpiece, placemats, napkins, silverware, glassware and whatever dishes you like to use during the holidays. I tend to make my tables on the more casual side, as I am not at all “formal” in spirit. I never registered for china when I got married with the firm belief that if my guests would stick their noses up at my lack of china, they were not friends of mine! So, I have the basic white crate and barrel dishes that I love and can use at every holiday. I accent them with a holiday desert plate (pumpkin plates that were a bargain score after thanksgiving, and a holiday set that was another post holiday blowout) I set these on top of the largest dinner plate, top them with a napkin & napkin ring (you can use jute, raffia or ribbon if you’re on a budget) and that’s about it! Nothing fancy! The goal of my table is always color & fun fun fun! (Sneak peek at this year’s table to the left! Those of you who know me understand my ‘thing’ with polka dots & stripes!) Also a pet peeve of mine…ALWAYS burn unscented candles during dinner!

I also wanted to include a table setting diagram for you. My dirty little secret is that I can never remember off hand what to put where, except the bread plate & drinks! My dad’s tried & true trick:touch your thumb & pointer finger on each hand and extend the middle finger straight up to form a “b” on the left & a “d” on the right. This is where your “b”read and “d”rink are! So please visit this link for a full how-to guide. You will find the very basic version here! This is your cheat sheet:


1. Napkin
2. Salad fork
3. Dinner fork
4. Dessert fork
5. Bread-and-butter plate,with spreader
6. Dinner plate
7. Dinner knife
10.Soup spoon
11.Cocktail fork
12.Water glass
13.Red-wine glass
14.White-wine glass
15.Coffee cup and saucer

I will be posting on food separately but here are a couple of recipes I am using: Cider Brined & Glazed Turkey & Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes. I dont have e-copies of my pumpkin cheesecake, sweet potato bake & dressing..but maybe if I am motivated enough I will type them up & share. I am not cooking until Saturday (resident’s just dont get normal holidays off!) but I am VERY excited!

What are you cooking? Anything out of the ordinary or SO good you HAVE to share?!?

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