sprinkle pancakes & a special girl who is TWO!

It came & went. As fast as she was one, she was two. & that day, I had the perfect words. I wrote them in her pink moleskine journal that I’ve been writing in since she was born & in that journal they will stay. Words from mother to daughter. Just for her. & no one else. She deserves some privacy & I will protect that until the end. But the party? Well, that fun is worth sharing!

I didn’t plan a big celebration. I wasn’t really planning on anything at all, but then all our family told us they were coming. So I threw together a birthday bash, whipped up that no-sew bunting & some sprinkle pancakes & we called it a party. I was able to use a bunch of the fun things I made for the big Baby Shower I threw for Tori. I had a sweet little shirt made for caroline by Julie of ZozoBugBaby. Add some balloons, a nice spread of yummy breakfast food & a few little girls & we had a fun morning!

My sister-in law Kim took the camera for me during presents (thanks, Kim!!)…& we watched as miss caroline took every single little piece of “garbage” & piece, by piece, added all the wrapping paper bits she ripped off into the trash bag. Holy type A. I have no idea where she gets it. ;)

cousin time!

& I keep coming back to all of these sweet images of the girls. I think they are my favorite thing that came out of this day. I love how these cousins rough & tumbled with each other. Don’t dare caroline to tackle you…’cause she’ll come running full force! ;)

The birthday bash was so fun & really quite easy to do, as most breakfast dishes can be prepared the day or night before the party. I’ve been to one other great breakfast birthday party for kids & I must say, it might just be my favorite kind of party ever! I gathered ideas over on pinterest, and there are some really fun things you can do with breakfast food. Plus, it always feels like a splurge, because who ever cooks a giant, multi dish hot breakfast?! We had fun & I HIGHLY recommend it! :)

& I know you’ll ask about the sprinkle pancakes–I just made my favorite pancake recipe & added little colored sprinkles. Next time I’d use the sprinkles that are long & skinny, as the round kind that I used did end up running & they looked like a kaleidoscope…that turned brown at the end of the batter. But overall, they were good. But REALLY sweet, due ot the added sugar, so I’d use less in the pancake recipe. But they were really fun! (& apparently good, because the birthday girl ate all FOUR in her stack that day!!)

& now, these pictures are all part of my slideshow screen saver & at least five times a day I have a really excited little miss running up to me squealing “happy birt-day care-yeen.” (we’re working on it) Safe to say, she still enjoys this day, DAILY! Success!

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