The ceiling is the FIFTH wall!! >>San Antonio Color Consultant

expeditAnd don’t you forget it! I m ashamed to say, that most of my house does not have painted ceilings. If you saw the texture on my walls, you would absolutely know why!  But my last house did, and it looked phenomenal, especially because we had thick crown moulding throughout. This house is a particular challenge, just because it is so difficult to paint these walls. Seriously, the texture required the thickest nap roller available and we’re still touching it up, 2-3 coats later!

My latest design challenge has been a reshuffling of sorts in my own home. I am (a) making room for baby and (b) making the hubby feel special. He’s got his own little corner of a desk right now, but I’ve got a master plan. We bought this house knowing rooms would be empty for some time and within the 6 years we’ll live here, surely they’d get filled up. Our front room (that is not walled in) has been acting as storage for a lot of miscellaneous items that haven’t found a home. Craigslist here they come! I am NOT a formal dining person and we had hoped to put french doors on it at some point to make it a guest room (when we fill the upstairs rooms with kiddos!) but plans have changed. Since we spend a lot of time “coexisting,” as in my husband is preparing for tomorrow’s surgery and I am studying whatever new creative thing has caught my interest. We don’t have a place to sit and do this together, other than the kitchen table and I like to keep food & work separate. I decided that our daybedfront room will be the perfect office & reading room. It gets the most fantastic light & I really want to spend more time in there, it just needs a purpose.

I started looking for desks that would give us a bunch of space to spread out and just couldn’t find anything I liked. So, surprise surprise, we’re going to make one ourselves!  Using these sturdy & functional units from ikea (in black) as the base of our desk, it will wrap around the corner of the room, 9 ft long on one side & 7 ft long on the other. I hope to add shelving above it & eventually a reading chair for the corner OR a trundle bed that can act as a sofa to read on when guests aren’t around. I saw this one for $100 at the pottery barn/west elm outlet a few weeks ago but refrained, even though I loved it for that room!

Since I have so much color downstairs, I wanted to be sure to leave the walls a neutral color BUT of course I had to add it somewhere…hmmm…how about UP?!? I have really high ceilings downstairs and since the room gets so much light it can certaily support a colored ceiling. Plus, my zebra rug will balance a colored ceiling very well. I spent today choosing colors (with my little helper!) and decided on a darker beige for the walls (Ben Moore Berkshire Beige) and a plummy-ruby color for the ceiling (Ben Moore Ruby Dusk). Now it’s time to get to work. I am SO excited about our mondo-desk & new space to spend time in! Not to mention another whole room to start decorating! Off to work!


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