These are a few of my favorite things…

I have so much randomness I want to share floating through my head & I think that this is a perfect way to cover a bunch of the stuff I am loving right now! You know I always do a holiday gift recap, but I can’t do it until *after* Christmas, or I give away all my surprises! You can catch up on last year’s fun gifts here. But these…some gift worthy, some simply to get you through the next three weeks, are some fun things I have been getting a lot of use out of lately. ;)


The Plasma Car

caroline calls it her “helicopter” and I guess it sort of looks like one. Either way, the thing is awesome…and I’d be lying if I said both her father & I have not given it a spin, too. :) (thank you for the tip, Lauren!)

iPad e-book apps by Sandra Boynton

caroline loooves these. Some of her classic favorites, animated & cute! She especially loves The Going to Bed Book. (thank you for the tip, Kim)


My favorite boots. & these leggings. & these $2 boot socks from Target. Pretty much daily.

These pants. At home. In a bunch of different colors. Perfect maternity loungewear.

Skinny headbands. Like this one from J.Crew. When she doesn’t steal it from me. :)

Scarves. Lots of scarves. My favorite: the magic trick. Watch it–you’ll love it! (Thanks for this awesomeness, Christine!)


My new towel bar-that-holds-my-cleaning-products. It’s so efficient. I love it.

EcoMe: my new favorite stuff. Order a starter kit & you’ll never have to buy cleaning products again. They make green household cleaning so easy & safe. (Thank you, Christine!!)


Bought a stylebabyLOG from me in person? Then you saw me plug my card swiper into my iPhone’s headphone jack, signed my screen & you had your receipt emailed to you. So easy. So green. Who needs paper?!


I write to both my babies in their own volant journals. Just little love notes or stuff I want them to know or remember. Nothing fancy, but full of their quirky stories. My joys. My parenting struggles. Someday I hope my words will mean something to them.

Apple Mail Rules

I filter ALL my retail emails into a folder in my applemail, so I am not constantly bombarded with (a) email trying to sell me stuff I don’t need & (b) feeling the urge to buy the stuff I don’t need just because it’s on sale. Don’t know how? Learn how to create a “rule.” Look how many emails are in my retail inbox (scary!):

The Emily Font

From one of my favorite blogs comes one of the cutest fonts I’ve come across yet. It’s getting a lot of use on gift tags, Christmas Cards & anything else that needs a little bit of whimsy.


The Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte…& Cranberry Bliss Bar.

So holiday-ish!

(hot cocoa & a cake pop for the little miss)


for my Christmas playlist (Sirius Holly is kind of a snooze this year, no?)


Burlap anything. It seems to be a hot commodity this year, as I recently went to four stores looking for the right color for my DIY bedskirt. More on that soon… 

BOB. Duallie.

Love. Use every time we walk. Soon it will be full. :)

oh, and one more. I love shoes. & slippers. & I adore these…

Kate Spade Chime Slippers

What are some of your favorite things right now?? I’m always looking for some new things to love. :) Happy Monday!

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