Think blue…think again! Boy Nursery Planning…

So yes, we have made it to 34 weeks without finding out the gender of our child. An amazing feat for two people who are BEYOND planners…we use iCal to sync our lives, email invitations for various events we should attend together, use quicken to save three years in advance for a vacations & large purchases…but NOPE…not gonna find out if it’s a boy or a girl! SHOCKER!

But don’t kid yourself. We, and by we I mean I, have been planning. The question I get asked most frequently these days (after ‘when are you due,’ ‘what are you having’ & ‘aren’t you miserable in this heat?’) is WHAT ABOUT THE NURSERY!?! Most of you know I have a love for design, color & decorating and it has been killing me to not have this room ready. BUT, now that we are within 60-90 days, the return policy for most stores will allow me to purchase what I need, then return what I don’t as soon as the baby arrives. I had originally planned on finding everything I needed then going to go buy it a couple weeks after our kiddo makes his/her grand entrance. Well, two nights of sleeplessness (nesting, I assure you, is NOT A JOKE) I knew I needed a better plan if I was going to get through this sane. Thus, I have decided to purchase most everything for both the girl & boy nursery, then take one half back. This way, I can send an errand runner (ahem, husband, mom or dad) back to the places this stuff came from instead of freaking out about having nothing at all.

So given I am convinced this child is a boy, that is where I have focused my early energy. I often buy a lot of stuff when I decorate, then try it at home and return as necessary. You can’t get a good feel for anything until you actually see it in the space, so I have been trying different things. I had my heart set on giraffe print but I cannot find anything that I like that doesn’t look like a cow print when black & white, so I had to make some adjustments. I am also not making any final decisions about what fabric goes where until I get the stripes on two walls & color on the rest. Then the real fun can happen. Remember this was the inspiration. Here is a preview of my early vision…

[how I organize my thoughts…must have a storyboard.]


[This room gets the most beautiful light in the morning. Seriously. LOVE it. Rusty was chasing a reflection off my lens and was fixated on the dot that is right in front of his face. Made me giggle! Few notes: fabric is a shower curtain & I will probably sew a black panel about a foot long on top & bottom to add drama. *huge pet peeve of mine is curtains that are too short…they should TOUCH the ground folks* I love grommeted curtains for a boy’s room. Chair will be recovered, which is why I purchased it. Don’t love the style, but it is customizable, super comfortable & very inexpensive. The wall the window is on is 1 of 2 that will be striped yellow & white. I still have to measure out the stripes, but I am guessing they will be about 10 inches wide. The wall on the right of the chair will be grey.]


[This dresser is so amazingly functional. I love the simple design. I will replace the knobs with a bunch of funky mismatched colorful ones if this ends up being the final design. This wall will be grey. Not sure if I love the frames for a boy’s room, but they will be filled with pages from a TBD children’s story in very bright colors if I keep them. I had another piece of art in mind involving canvas & lots of little bulb lites that I picked up at christmastime but I found these frames this week (marked $99.00 and with a sticker @ homegoods that said $9.99, so I couldn’t pass them up!) I will probably add another stripe of color on the lampshades. I am undecided on what fabric will cover the chair, but the whole reason I bought it was because I could replace that ugly cover with something that matches. I would like to cover cork board squares in coordinating fabrics & mount behind the door to display artwork or whatever the munchkin wants to put there. Changing pad is on the top of the dresser and <<love this>>all diapering supplies are enclosed in the drawers. You people need to stop telling me I cannot hide baby clutter! Even the wipe warmer is in a drawer :P I am DETERMINED; my house will not become a baby zone.]


[The two walls that meet behind the crib will be the striped walls. You can’t see the armoire from here, but it is quite tall & white, on the left of the crib. It has glass doors that will have a coordinating fabric hiding the contents of the furniture. I have two tubs full of my decor & necessities, one girl & one boy w/ all the receipts ready & waiting. must. stay.organized. Love the furry rug & prefer the crib on an angle in here, it really opens up the space. You can see how the wall curves around on the left, this just makes it feel very roomy.]


[I’m a list gal]


[I have to return the fabric already, it is a bit too vibrant for the buttery yellow bedding I found. Still unsure about the fabric selection for the crib bedding, but we won’t be using a bumper for a good year, so I have plenty of time. Just need a bedskirt eventually.]


[isn’t this FUN!?!?]

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