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crossfit | quick, no brainer workouts

There are a few things you should know before you read the rest of this post.

  • I don’t workout everyday anymore.
  • I have about 5 minutes to think about what I am going to do at the gym.
  • I lose interest in exercise about 30 minutes into it.
  • I modify everything to suit ME.

Okay. Sound like you? Need a no-think, fast, result yielding workout that is FREE & you don’t have to think about? I have an option you might like.

I got back to the gym 6 months postpartum. I couldn’t any sooner due to a broken tailbone which still limits everything I can do. We were in prime “stranger anxiety” mode when I began leaving my girl at the gym daycare, so I knew I needed something fast, because she wasn’t going to last all that long. Nor was I, after 6 months of inactivity. I started running & discovered yet another side effect from childbirth. Not only did my coccyx ache with every step, but I now have a very weak bladder. AWESOME! I moved on to lifting & had problems rolling up & down on the weight benches. I tried yoga, but I cannot sit on the floor. It seemed like I was running out of options & I was getting frustrated. So my hubby encouraged me to start doing his Crossfit workouts.

I am a strong believer in pushing & pulling your own body weight. The fittest I have ever been was when I was doing Maximum Fitness & lifting nothing more than myself. I have done them all three times over, so I needed something new, that kept my attention. I found it.


Crossfit is a cult following around the country. There are Crossfit gyms & even huge competitions called the Crossfit Games. The stuff that Crossfitters can do is AMAZING. You can read everything you need to know at It can look intimidating at first, because it looks like they are speaking a foreign language. However, once you get comfortable with the lingo, it is very easy to understand. There is a WOD or workout of the day posted to the website every day, along with the “winner’s” time. The competition part is incredible. It is amazing how fit some of the people who post their times are & that is the spirit of Crossfit–do the workout as fast as you possibly can. You can log on, check it out & watch any of the zillion example videos of the day’s moves. It’s high energy. It’s simple. It’s different every day. It’s super challenging. It’s fun. Really fun.


Ok, so I am probably the weakest Crossfitter out there. I can’t do half of the stuff, so I modify. Here’s how I make it work for me.

  • I can reliably workout at the gym about three times a week. I typically work behind a week on the Crossfit schedule. I look at all 7 WODs from the last week & pick the three that I think I can do.
  • I prepare for the workout by reviewing the exercises involved & watching videos or looking at the progression pictures if it is something I have never done. If there is something I still don’t understand, I go to youtube & type crossfit + the name of the exercise & it is always there. Sometimes I even run the move by my husband to make sure I am doing it right. We’re talking maybe 5 minutes on the internet learning.
  • I always have the WOD with me at the gym. I use either the iPhone app or simply take a picture (with my iPhone) of the WOD on my computer screen before I leave home. My iPhone is my iPod when I work out, so I have it right there if I need it. I also have the videos/exercise pictures to help coach me if I really need them mid workout.
  • Lose your ego, because you look like a moron doing a lot of the stuff. I am sure that the people who watched me jump up and down 50 times in a row on Sunday thought I was crazy. But I don’t care!
  • Most of the exercises can be done at home, but I cannot do a pull up on my own so I need the machine assist to complete the workouts. That is why I go to the gym to workout. Well, that & the fact that this blog would not exist without nap-time, so using that for exercise is just not gonna happen. I typically hit the empty group exercise room for most of the exercises. I usually need no other equipment other than the pull up assist & what is in the room.
  • I try not to let the workouts intimidate me & just accept my limitations. I cannot do everything. Maybe someday I will be able to, but for now, I am happy that I am doing something to stay in shape. Each day I get stronger.


My BFF just did a profile on a CrossfitMOM, who posted pictures of her doing the exercises very pregnant. I had never heard of the website, but it is awesome! A wonderful place to start if the real Crossfit is just a bit over your head. (You don’t have to be a mom.)

Oh, and that was me at the gym yesterday. No makeup. All sweaty & gross. I had just finished doing the WOD…which was 400 meters of walking lunges. It took me 21 minutes on the treadmill at a pace of .7 mph. I can hardly walk up the stairs today. (Actually, walking down is much harder.) Add my 23 pounder to my hip & I’ll call it another workout! HA!

& just in case you missed it before, click for my postpartum fitness story.

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  • Rachael - Awesome Shawna! My hubby is Crossfit certified and I still can’t do half the stuff (at least on my own) and I haven’t even attempted to while pregnant! Even though I still have a month of pregnancy left to go we are already talking about getting me back into a workout routine postpartum! :)ReplyCancel

  • Tori @ - LOVE crossfit! LOVE that you put in here that you modify….I just posted about that this morning! Funny you posted this today b/c I just posted about picking a workout plan today! I will add a link to this post in there now :) A little late but better than never!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Oh, how I wish I could get back to the gym. I was sooo good before I got preggers and even for the first 5-6 months after the big + too. But now, I just struggle to find the time, working full time I just want to spend my time with the babe when I get home and by the time she goes to bed, I’m too exhausted. I even have a paid for membership – so I’m wasting $$ :( This does give me a nudge!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - Shawna – A neighbor of mine has been doing crossfit and loves it as well!! Way to stay motivated!!! Also, just an fyi, you think your bladder is bad now? Wait until Baby #2. I swear, sometimes I can’t even take a good joke (wink, wink.)ReplyCancel

  • Drea - how cool!! Ive been looking for a way to get back into a workout routine without busting myself to bad. I did p90x for 60 days before getting pregnant with my last baby.. i was in the best shape of my life then! not now LOL
    p90x takes an hour or more each day tho.. and I honestly just dont have time for 1 hr a day to workout.. home schooling, 3 kids, a business to run, normal house hold things, yup no 1 hr workouts for me!! :)
    def checking this out!ReplyCancel

  • jenberry - question do you go to a crossfit gym or do you do the workouts on your own at your own gym?ReplyCancel

  • -shawna- - @jenberry–I do them at a regular gym. We have all the stuff @ home, but I need the pullup assist bar. & childcare. Someday, when kids are in school I will go to a real CF Box!!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy of KSW - Hey Shawna, which app do you use? The WOD or the Crossfit or something else? ThanksReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - @Stacy– I use the crossfit app, but usually end up at anyway. :)ReplyCancel

  • Megan - although i have 0 kids, and won’t for a while (school first!) i absolutely love your blog. you are too cute words! after reading your crossfit post i started getting a little motivated. i am one who has not found anything that makes me want to work out. i feel that running would fix my problems areas, i just am not a runner. i havent found any workouts that i enjoy, but this WOD sounds pretty fun and i like that it changes things up. i was just wondering if that is all you to when you work out, or if you also run/eliptical? i need to get my butt in gear!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - @Megan–thank you!! CF is awesome. I am not a runner either, but it is short bursts. Totally do-able. This is all I do! It kicks my butt!ReplyCancel

  • Christine blaylock - Awesome!!!! Just found you through creative mama. Love cross fit. Have not been doing it though, just let life get in the way. Will have to work out at home. Have been looking for cheap kettle bells and bought a pull up bar recently. I will be following you from now on : ) I need some motivation.ReplyCancel

  • Kristyn - When you used Maximum Fitness, did you just make up your own workouts? How exactly did you use the book? I recently found that my fiance has the book from when he was training to go into the navy and thought I’d give it a shot. Just looking for something new and different to try =)ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - no–if you flip to the middle of the book there are 52 weeks worth of daily workouts. they are AMAZING! I copied them & carried them with me at the gym. Oh, I can’t wait to do them again sometime!ReplyCancel

  • Britni - I love your post!! I did crossfit before and during my last pregnancy and voiced back so quickly, I only gained 17lbs but was completely healthy! I also followed crossfit mom while I was pregnant. I hope more women read this and know that they can stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy!! Crossfit is doable for any ages and any exercise level that’s why I love it so much.ReplyCancel

  • Steffany - I just stumbled upon your blog and fell in love! I noticed another person asked if you did this all at the gym, but just to clarify, you don’t go to the actual crossfit groups? I looked into it but it was really expensive. I love the concept so I was wondering if it is something you can do on your own without the group?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - I used to do it by myself in a gym, and then I did it in our garage! :)ReplyCancel

  • Bailey - Just read your blog on bouncing back from your pregnancy and think you are amazing! Also, i love CrossFit and did it at a box for a year but now do it at my local gym. The VERY BEST app is called WODbox Pro. It is a $1.99 but it is worth every cent. It gives all the WODs from CrossFit HQ and other boxes and it will create WODs based on the equipment you have. It’s let’s you record your times in a journal and even has the CrossFit timers!! Hope you check it out, and congrats!ReplyCancel

  • Emma Kate Tsai (@emmakatetsai) - So, you did three CrossFit exercises every time you went to the gym? Meaning you did nine a week? Did you do any cardio in addition, or was that it? (Not to discount it, just trying to figure out your exact routine.) And you walked every day?ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Yes, I did them every time I went to the gym, and that was maybe 4-5 each week. I did not do cardio at the gym, I just walked on non-crossfit days & sometimes also on the days I went to the gym. :)ReplyCancel

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