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DIY tissue paper pom poms | styleberryPARTY Pt. 7

I have been on a major DIY kick lately. I have several fun projects ready to post…so get ready to get creative!

I like big decorations. Big decorations that don’t cost a lot & aren’t cheesy. I first tackled the tissue paper pom pom for caroline’s first birthday party last year & have made oh…fifty or so by now. I have figured out how make them in a fast & easy way, so I wanted to be sure to share! I made some for the shower (made a TON!) and they were so cute. Filled up a big blank space well. So here’s your visual…& if you reeeeeealy need to watch how it is done start to finish, there is a video at the end that you can watch instead! :)


  • tissue paper
  • ribbon (you can also use wire, but I had ribbon on hand)
  • a sharp scissors

STEP 1: Stack your sheets of tissue paper. For a big pom pom, I recommend 10-12 sheets, for a small one, 8 sheets. If you sheets are rectangular, start folding so the width of the pom pom is the shorter length of the rectangle.



STEP 2: Continue to make accordion folds about 1.5 inches wide. Be sure to crease the paper each time you fold. undefined

[This is what it will look like before you tie the middle] undefined

STEP 3: Find the middle of the paper (very important, or you will have lopsided pom poms!) & use your curling ribbon to tie it tight. Slide the knot to one side of the stack of paper.


[if you are mass producing, this is a good place to stop. fold, tie, then finish the next steps later]


STEP 4: Using a sharp, heavy duty scissors (I prefer my kitchenaid kitchen shears) cut each end into the desired shape, either round or pointed.


STEP 5: Poof them up! I found it impossible to photograph this well, so I just went ahead & made a video. My battery died at the end, but you might find it helpful to see the whole process start to finish. & if you are traveling to a party location, take them un-poofed. I traveled to Louisiana with then folded as seen in step 4 & fluffed them up upon arrival. MUCH easier to get them safely to your party location that way! :)



& if you’d like even MORE inspiration for how & where to use these, check out my party board over on pinterest! What FUN!!

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  • Baby Shopaholic - Thanks for posting this! I will def be using for my babies party!ReplyCancel

  • Tairalyn - Too Funny – I just made these on Saturday – for Sofia’s Nursery. I’m putting up my DIY on Wednesday… However my weekend was full of Crafts – Made a Front Door Wreath on Friday, come by and check it out

    Your Pom Pom’s look great! I found some of the Tissue Paper I bought too delicate and therefore I ripped quite a few – but after 2 hours I ended up with 12 flawless Pom’s. So Sweet!

    Thanks for posting this!


  • Whitney - The timing of this post is perfect. My daughter’s first birthday party is in 3 weeks and I am spending this weekend DIYing decorations.ReplyCancel

  • Quinn - Hi-
    A while back you offered to send an invite for pinterest. I am not sure if I missed it, but is there any way you can invite me? Pretty please?

  • Marylin - So pretty! I tried making them but my tissue paper was too soft and delicate. It was a mess. Where did you find yours? I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - target! in the value packs by the wrapping paper. Not the ones in cellophane. :)ReplyCancel

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  • Style Chic 360 - Wow, this is great! I have to rss your site, very neat tutorial, they come out so pretty!

    Definitely gonna try this!ReplyCancel

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  • Jennifer - Hello,
    I love your tutorial! How do I hang these from a ceiling without leaving holes or damage behind?


  • holly - thanks SO MUCH for the video… now i’m off to try again… :)ReplyCancel

  • Ashley W. - I made these for my daughter’s 1st birthday. It looked so cute. I used fishing line to tie them together and hang from the ceiling. However, due to a textured ceiling and the fishing line, they kept falling down. It was raining pom-poms!! Any suggestions for how to make them stick to the ceiling??ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - oh no! I hung them where there were air vents & can lights & slipped the knot under the hardware in the ceiling!ReplyCancel

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