10 in 10 on 10

what. a. day.

The last 24 hours have been crazy. I had grand plans for today and then as swiftly as I put my babe to bed, they all went out the window. I’ll spare the details, but tonight as we put her to bed we asked her what she did last night & she promply replied ‘bleaaaaa.’ Very funny. Unless you are the one cleaning it up. Seven times. Hmph. ;[

Last week I was catching up on the RSS feed of one of the blogs I LOVE & came across this fun little project: Ten on Ten. One day a month you are challenged to stop and appreciate the beauty in the little, often unnoticed & overlooked parts of life. The mission: on the 10th day of every month take ten pictures in ten hours. Ten in Ten on Ten. Easy enough, right? Turns out, not so much, when you have little miss pukey pants living in your house. But I pulled it together & actually accomplished it for today! So here it is…my very own…

Design elements above from the fab pugley pixel.

[1] pretending to sleep…as I did most of the night last night. more on that painting behind me (done by me!) here.

[2] realized today that I follow the light around my house through the day. I have yet to follow it into my guest bedroom…which holds this lovely pile of 6-12 month clothing that needs to be packed away. :/

[3] my current two favorite pairs of shoes. :)

[4] got to nap since I was up all night…love my nightstand full of water & coffee…ha. but no bars on the baby monitor. that means q.u.i.e.t.

[5] she usually reads while I drive. Percival the Plain Little Caterpillar is a fave. for obvious reasons!

[6] the light was so pretty. sunset at Target. reflected off my mom mobile. I am happier than I look. promise. & yes, I am wearing a tank top. & flip flops. and jeans, which made me sweat in this november weather. have I mentioned how much I hate the weather here? I just want to wear a sweater already.

[7] after a really lovely customer service interaction at Nordstrom’s yesterday, I am loving my shimmery new replacement wallet for my old wallet that suddenly sprung a leak. I looooove Hobo. & the super cute envirosax that you see behind my hand. I am quickly starting to use them for EVERYTHING.

[8] inspired by my friend Rhonda, I bought a pomegranate today. for the first time. then I learned how to prepare it. want to know how? go here.

[9] i. love. this. girl.

[10] dessert! omg. these seeds are like little tangy bites of heaven. preparation = much less messy & complicated than I thought.

Hope you had a lovely Wednesday, free of any sicky babes! Maybe, just maybe I will get to the topics I want to next week. ::sigh::

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