clearance aisle treasures | DIY Funky Bathroom Lamp

How is it November? How on earth are there only six-ish weeks until Christmas. omg. o.m.g.

In the last week we have (a) gone from having a crawling baby to having one that walks & (b) dropped the morning nap [sniff, sniff, sob, sob]. That morning time was MINE. And now it’s gone. & while my child is awake, she is into EVERYTHING. Which necessitated a weekend project clearing every single thing out of my pantry/utility room then sorting & reorganizing everything three feet off the floor. Life is starting to whiz past me. Run circles around me. Wait. That’s just the little girl I live with. Who, by the way, is throwing temper tantrums…I thought that came at age two? I am confused.

Anyhoo. I’ve got client projects. personal projects. a household to manage. a daughter who is constantly trying to find ways to hurt herself and animals that are always staring at me like I forgot something. breathe in. breathe out.

creative projects are my therapy.

So, this one was done last week with my girl playing on the kitchen floor at my feet. This is the last DIY project for her new bathroom, that goes with my DIY Button Hooks. I wanted a lamp that would cast a soft glow for in the bathroom to act as a nightlight for her in the future & for our guests. I went looking & looking & couldn’t find anything that was right. Until (surprise, surprise) I found this pink treasure in the clearance section of Marshalls for $10. It needed some love. So I went to Hobby Lobby for some supplies, dug some other goodies up from around the house & got to work with my hot glue gun in hand.

Couple things: First, the fabric is attached at several points on the back side with a dab of hot glue. Second, I used a bit of hot glue on the end of the yarn to help create a hard, pointy end to thread the yarn through the buttons.

& then my little helper wouldn’t stop tugging on my leg. She really loved the yarn! We found this ‘baby’ at Pottery Barn Kids back in California, on clearance & had to have it because she matched the Moxii Tucker Shower Curtain PERFECTLY! She needed some more sass, so I took some of the fabric & buttons and made her a mod little ruffled flower. Now she is just right.

I have one last thing before I share the whole room with you…but I should have it done this week!! Finally!

(took these shots with the self timer on my camera, propped on a pot. She was very intrigued by the beeper!)

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