California Dreamin’ | Traveling with a Toddler

Last week I spent an entire SEVEN days away from my computer. Oh it was so nice. I was back in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was born there. Raised there. Met my husband there. Graduated from college there. Got married there. There are so many memories in the San Ramon Valley. They are around every corner.

We ate & drank & played & shivered because gosh darn it, it was cold. So cold that we made a trip to the North Face outlet in Berkeley for some goodies. I think I could live in North Face. :) North Face makes me HAPPY. Jeans & fleece weather is some of my favorite weather…but only when I pack the appropriate clothing so I don’t freeze my tail off.

I brought my camera. But used it just one day, for about 15 minutes. I used my iPhone to capture what I couldn’t miss. But mostly, I just breathed in the cool, dry air & got inspired. Nothing is quite as beautiful as the Bay Area in spring. Everything is emerald green & the flowers are unbelievable. One thing is for sure: I grew up in a stunningly beautiful place. A place of my past, but not my future. Here is a peek at my fun trip. I think we’ll talk about travel here this week. The things I couldn’t live without. How we managed. How we didn’t. & what might be my new favorite diaper. :) Enjoy! (links & words below…or just enjoy the pictures!)

top to bottom, left to right. :)

  1. First 2 flights out–all smiles! Key to success: lucked out & got her own seat (Southwest is GREAT!) After this trip…I firmly believe that after a child can walk, they should no longer be a lap child.
  2. Passing the time…long three hours. Play dough helps.
  3. So does wonder pets. & how ’bout that awesome ZoLi SUMO. What a major lifesaver. More on that coming soon in it’s own post.
  4. Rosy cheeks! don’t see those too often around here!
  5. Still sleeps the same. Even in the pack&play!
  6. The most amazing mirror display at the Anthropologie in Berkeley. I have a place for this in my house…& omg that was the most beautiful, airy, peaceful Anthro I have ever visited. I could move in there.
  7. Breakfast out at our high school hangout–dainty donuts! First taste of chocolate milk…the best chocolate milk…Berkeley Farms!
  8. & her first donut. :) with pink sprinkles. Of course.
  9. First little North Face Fleece! (from the North Face Outlet–which is AWESOME!!) & her new permanent accessory, Vi-Vi…aka Twinkle Twinkle Little Violet.
  10. Super neat book that I should have bought at one of my favorite stores ever, Paper Source in Berkeley: Mom’s One Line a Day. I’ll get it from amazon.
  11. After coffee with Baked Bree (she’s FAB–check her out!) met the fam for a crab sandwich at the famous Fenton’s Creamery! Have you seen Up? It had a cameo, made us locals squeal!
  12. Super neat mirror. Right next to the Jelly Belly tasting booth. Next trip we’ll hit the factory for a tour & some more “beeeeens!”
  13. Another fun book on birthdays & colors at Paper Source: Colorstrology.
  14. Buh bye Golden Gate.
  15. Ugh. very rough couple of flights. only because the girl cannot. sit. still. Nor does she sleep on airplanes. Who knew the ZoLi SUMO could be so entertaining!
  16. Back under the Texas sun. kind of feels like home. kind of.


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