Carrying Toddler Food On-the-Go | The ZoLi SUMO

Figuring out what to feed my girl was the easy part. Carrying her fresh food was the hard part. Thank goodness for ZoLi. They have us crunchy, health-nut mamas covered.

When I introduced you to the ZoLi on-the-go, I was madly in love. I picked it up from Giggle on a trip back to the Bay Area & it was the perfect solution for carrying all my homemade baby food purees. Then it held the little finger foods. But soon enough, my little porker could polish off the entire container’s contents in one sitting. Then the food got bigger because she got some monster teeth. & then…wouldn’t you know…they knew just what I needed: The ZoLi SUMO. It’s like the OTG on steroids. With a handle. Because my babe likes to carry it around like a purse. (not kidding) :)

Before I could even buy one, the fab Juli (head honcho & mompreneur over at ZoLi) sent one my way. I would have paid the $18 for it in a heartbeat. I might even buy a second. I love it that much. Isn’t it pretty? That’s the OTG on the left, the SUMO on the right.

I recently stuffed it full & took it on the ultimate test: the airplane. I put it through security. I stuffed it under the seat of the plane. I dropped it. She threw it. & it passed every test. Here is why I love it:

  • it does not leak. each compartment screws together tightly.
  • it carries a lot of different things, without a lot of dishes. just four pieces that can all go in the dishwasher.
  • I can add & subtract containers as necessary. some lunches out only require two. I can buy another SUMO & screw on additional containers to the bottom if I want.
  • caroline cannot get the top off herself. which is wonderful. considering she really does enjoy carrying it like her purse. :)
  • if leaving caroline with someone for a meal, I can build a hierarchy of food & instruct them to feed her from the top down, keeping nutrition priorities.
  • each 8 oz container can fit a LOT of stuff. see below.

This is a typical lunch for my girlie, who is 20 months (but quite the eater & in the 95%ile for ht & wt). I can stuff this full of more than you see here, but this is what I would pack if we were heading out to lunch. Each container can hold:

  • 7-8 organic strawberries (more if stems are removed & they are sliced)
  • 8 wedges of quesadilla (two 8 inch tortillas, filled with chicken, corn, black beans & cheese) I do have to put this on top–as the extra curvature of the lid allows the whole thing to fit. You see four wedges here.
  • 1/2 cup of blueberries + 1/2 cup of pineapple chunks


& just so you can see the size difference. This is my well loved Nalgene bottle–it’s a liter. The SUMO is almost exactly the same size. Each SUMO container (8 oz) can hold considerably more than the OTG container (4 oz).

I pushed it to it’s max, but the InchBug Bumpy Orbit Label can still fit around the SUMO. :) One of these labels goes on every cup & container that leaves the house. We only use these two containers out & about. For drinks we use the Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp sippy. But the girl can throw, and knock loose the silicone piece inside. SO…we recently started using the CamelBak Kids 12 oz Better Bottle. She especially loves the CamelBak because she can carry it with her teeth & still have a baby in each hand. Wish I was kidding. :[


Thanks Juli, for yet another wonderful solution that helps us mamas who want to take our fresh food with us wherever we go. I am not sure what I would do without this product. It’s an absolute essential & gets a lot of attention wherever we go! Just one thing…we miss the pink! ;) But we still think she is pretty, pretty!

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