DIY Disinfectant Wipes | FAB 50:9

Holy Cow. It’s been a really long time. But with REALLY good reason. I was preparing for a huge local consignment sale and went through every single baby thing in my house and am sitting about 600 items lighter at the moment! YAY for the great big PURGE! Ah, feels so good. I still have a nice collection of things for shop styleberry (still some major designer denim & girl shoes, kelly moore & cake bags, and some bugaboo & newborn prop goodies that need a new home!) so that is definitely on the horizon! But for now, let’s talk cleaning! One of my FAVORITE topics! I was so sick of buying the toxic & expensive bleach wipes at costco that I decided to make some disinfectant surface wipes of my own. To know me is to know how much I LOVE vinegar. So here’s my recipe! Happy Spring Cleaning!


  • paper towel roll
  • sharp knife (NOT serrated)
  • round plastic container with a hole cut in the top
  • 1 cup vinegar + 1 cup water


  • Use the sharp knife to cut the paper towel roll in half. If you use a serrated knife (like a bread knife) you will have little bits of paper towel that stick to your wipes and it will drive you nuts! So a nice smooth sharp blade will allow you to cut that roll in half, yielding a half a roll just waiting for your next batch (or for your upstairs container, if you are like me!) Pull the center cardboard tube out of the roll & pop the first towel up to get it ready to soak. You’ll be working from the center of the roll out.
  • Mix your water & vinegar 1:1 in your chosen container. (I found the perfect container to be the one that you’ll find Oatmeal Cranberry Dunkers in at Trader Joe’s…you’ll hate me for this purchase…so really, any round tupperware about the size of half a roll of paper towel will do)
  • Put your roll of paper towel in the mixture and let it soak. My roll is always too tall for my container, but once it is saturated, I can squish it down and it fits just fine. Put the top of the container on when they are ready & you’re set to clean!

I use these on everything! Kitchen table. Counters. Toys. Faces. Hands. Bathrooms. They are awesome. I’ve never had them dry up on me–I always use them in plenty of time. & I did try to use the half sheets (you know, those Bounty brand sheets that are really half the size of a normal paper towel) and they were just OK. I like to double mine over & then it is nice & thick and just exactly the size of my hand. I dream of a paperless kitchen, and I am sure that I will have one someday, but now is just not the right time! :)

Time to go shop for some oatmeal cookies, then clean, clean, clean!! You’ll burn off the calories if you clean hard enough! HA! ;)

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