inspiration. & great hair | Pinterest

Inspiration is a funny thing. I seem to find it everywhere these days. I am feeling so inspired right now & much of that has to do with a new incredibly fun site called Pinterest. I started seeing it pop up on facebook when my photog friends started using it, then my SIL sent me an invite & now I am hopelessly hooked. It is the MOST inspiring place I have ever spent time perusing…I want to make and wear and eat so many of the things on there. I am in such awe at the amazing photography that is floating all over this eye candy filled site. I am simply inspired.


It’s a site that is like a virtual storyboard. (Or corkboard if you are not a creative & don’t know what that means.)


You have to get an invite (leave me a comment & I’ll send you one!) and then you can join. You get to create “boards” of any theme or category. Then you start “pinning” to them. There is a little button you install in your browser first. Then, anytime you see something you like online, you click the button and “pin” whatever image you are looking at in your browser, to the board of your choice.

You can have as many boards as you want. You can name them what you want. You can follow (just like facebook “like”) anyone you wish. & then you can watch your “feed” overflow with beauty.


I love the inspiration, but it is also very practical. I am visually inspired & run across beautiful things on the internet quite often. I love to keep track of them. This gives me a way to organize the images. Each pin is linked back to the original source, so you always have direct access to where it came from…no more time hunting the internet for “that thing you saw that you loved.” I have found a lot of fun tutorials that I add to evernote for future crafting.

It is also a great way to get exposed to etsy sellers & retailers that have items you might like to purchase or gift.

It is so much FUN. You can find me here. along with my obsession with giant cowl necks. I think it might be a fun weekend activity you could get lost in…

here is a look at my boards, as of today. this should give you a nice visual.

& here is a peek at what is inside my “pretty” folder. oozing with beauty. each image can be clicked on (not here though) & takes you to the original site that the image came from.

I was so inspired by a hair tutorial (that I forgot I knew how to do) pinned on my “make” board, as well as the two images above of scarlett & catherine…that I decided on a whim to curl my hair for our family photo session today. my hair is naturally curly & takes to the flat iron quite nicely. (did you know you can create spiral curls with a flat iron? you can!) I owe that fab color to nowlin. all inspired & achieved thanks to pinterest. oh the joy! :)

[this image did not fit my usual style & was processed using TRA SX-70. It just screamed “soft” to me :)]

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