The Nursery. Round Two. :):):)

I LOVE decorating. It’s one of the things that keeps me up at night. I love the hunt. the challenge. the thinking. the planning. & even the execution. It’s one of the things I could do all day long. One of the many. ;) But what I really love is decorating nurseries. Not only am I designing a space, but it is a special space. One I will spend some of the most precious moments of my life in. & the anticipation and imagining I do while creating a space for this little person is part of the joy of pregnancy for me. It helps me keep my mind off the icky sickies I feel.

I also love the challenge of decorating this special space on a budget. (just don’t tell my husband.) I enjoy pacing myself & really thinking before I buy. I like researching all over & getting a STEAL. I enjoy making things myself & creating something really personal & handmade.

This nursery is really different than the last nursery. We like to have surprises in this family, which makes decorating the perfect space especially challenging. Last pregnancy I designed & planned & bought TWO sets of stuff. And then, in the month after I had my (surprise!) baby girl, I took half back & got to work. I LOVE her room. It is perfect for her. I will be so sad to leave those walls in three years. But I am also ready to do something completely different.

This nursery has been brewing in my head for well over a year. I want color & quirkiness & mismatched & eclectic. Very different from the very bold & particular & perfectionist pink damask nursery for my caroline. But I think this new space represents where I am in my life. I am getting out of the beige & perfection and into the “me” that I really am. My house is getting color and comfort and coziness. & I hope whoever buys my house when we PCS in three years likes color too. Because I am not going to live in beige for six years just so I can sell it.

So…you know I do story boards for special spaces. (remember the yellow? the pink?) Well–here is where I am right now. Details below!

(everything above sourced here)

Room Furniture:

  • crib: still debating between three. (see the board “second” on pinterest sources for all three) I just want a small crib, modern, boxy & white. Nothing fancy.
  • Chest dresser: It’s currently black. Plan to paint white, & possibly do something funky with the drawers. Either paint different hues of the palette or paint patterns of cover with fabric. TBD. But it’s nice storage that I can’t get rid of!
  • Changing Table. Guessing I’ll get another smaller one like the one in caroline’s room from the IKEA Hemnes line that I love & add some fun knobs.
  • Bed. There is a queen in there right now. It will move to the guest room/office, but I might add a twin just for another place to nurse in the middle of the night because I love side lying nursing best of all. I have big plans for a salvaged door frame.
  • & the STEAL of the century. The Comfort Chair from Pottery Barn. I scored this baby for $97 a couple weekends ago at the PB outlet. Caroline adopted it & it came home with me. I kind of want to sew a very mismatched fabric slipcover for it. That might be ambitious for someone who hates to sew. We’ll see. But it is wide enough that she can sit next to me while I am sitting in it. MAJOR score. and…it rocks. & swivels. ahhh. comfort, indeed.

Projects ahead:

  • painting walls: two walls will have wide horizontal stripes, alternating white & a soft turquoise. The other walls will be a soft grey.
  • painting furniture: chest of drawers needs a facelift.
  • sewing: bumpers. crib skirt. dust ruffle if we get a twin bed. curtains (likely white, might just buy)
  • construct: salvaged doors as a daybed frame for the twin bed. IF I go that route.
  • alphabet wall: collection & creation of letters I cannot find.

Boy that sounds like a lot of work. & as always, I promise to take you every step of the way. ;) I have a very busy couple of months ahead of me! Most of this will be accomplished before we bring the little miss or mister home from the hospital, but some of it will be left unfinished so I can bend it towards whatever gender babe we are blessed with. I will add more greens & oranges if it’s a boy, more corals & pinks (& ruffles!!) if it’s a girl. Either way, this will be an amazingly fun project. But I am kind of tired just thinking about it. 2nd tri energy burst–where are you!?? Now is a good time to arrive!

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