Renovation Week 16 | Finish Line + Exterior



Hello blogland! I have been really enjoying my daily “microblogging” over on Instagram. I have been on site daily and managing all the small decisions and none of them have had a big design board to share with you. But here we are, several weeks from completion and making huge huge progress. I thought I would take you through a few of the before & in progress images. I can’t wait for it to be done. But if I am being honest, I love every step of the process. Still. I know. All these little decisions are the details that MAKE the design. & at the end, I know these little things will be what matters most.

In my true less is more mood of the moment, I am continuing to see this blank slate and build in all the nooks and crannies that will keep it looking that way. My go-to term is “no-fuss.” I want ZERO fuss right now. Everything smooth, clean, simple. It’s going to be hard for a collector of a gal like me. But hopefully I can move the bare minimum. A new tenant is moving into our current rental in thirty days, so we will be moving everything over really really soon. EEK! Here’s where we are right now!


Dividing wall is long gone, wall to the left is opened up & custom cabinets will be installed this week! Lots of LIGHT, during the day & night! New windows coming soon as well.

Fireplace wall:

The rock is done (hand placed by me, of course!) and it’s grouted. Old mantle beam, reclaimed from a building in downtown San Antonio prior to demolition is now hung. It’s been painted & is awaiting the floating shelves in the niche!


Closet on the left has been demo’d and we’re waiting for a door to close off the utility closet. W/D will go to the right & a bench will be where the desk used to be, with hooks for backpacks above & shoe storage below.


The dividing wall (in the before image on the left) now has a huge cutout, and I took the picture on the right through it. Now light flows into the main living areas from the front and back of the house! I kept the original window pattern but replaced the old windows with some more decorative panels in the bay. It will be flanked with floor to ceiling bookcases, coming soon!

Reading Room:

No longer a formal dining room! This is our reading room/guest room and will soon get a pair of french doors to add just a smudge more separation to the space.


So long terrazzo tile! New paver look tile runs from inside the house to the front porch, marrying the two spaces!

Kids Bathroom:

Remember this bubblegum beauty? She’s bright & white now! Super fun floors compliment the classic subway tile, in a new & modern pattern. Coming soon: butcher block counters and more white cabinets!

Bedroom #1:

This is the closest-to-done room in the house! All that is left is closet doors! Love, love, love these European White Oak floors that are running throughout the whole house!

Master Bathroom:

Oh, this has come SO far!! Marble, marble, marble. By the end of the day today the whole thing should be grouted and the gray stand alone vanity placed. Can. Not. Wait. (!!!)

Master Bedroom:

This is actually already an “old” after picture, as the new windows are in & the walls are my beloved silver sage. But those FLOORS!!  I am in LOVE.

& the exterior. OH the exterior. We were not going to do this right away, but we decided to just get it all done once and for all. So I am currently figuring out what to do with this brick, as the orange will be gone SOON. Materials for a German Schmear are harder to find than one might think, so I am experimenting and exploring other options right now. :) All limewash/mortarwash experience & advice welcomed!!

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I can’t wait to share more of the renovation here soon! Thank you for all of your continued support, cheering on & shared enthusiasm!!

Xoxo. :)

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