Renovation: Week Two | Kids Bathroom

Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite holidays, as there is nothing I enjoy giving more than nourishment by way of healthy, delicious food. This year my parents joined our feast and it was so nice to have an extra set of hands in the kitchen–Thanks Mom! We’ve been living on leftovers ever since. YUM, YUM! Having my parents in town also helped me run all kinds of house errands while my kids were off from school and I got a lot accomplished. Navigating the scene in a new city is always a challenge, but I have found my footing & know just where to go now. I am just waiting on some final bundle deals & will pull the trigger!

One of my favorite & most essential to our family happiness rooms is our shared kids bath. Our current rental has taught me SO much about what we need to be happy campers in the bathroom. Like…having separate hot cold valves in the shower makes my littlest a dependent showerer and I want him to be able to do this independently. I cannot wait for a single handle again! & dual sinks would be a dream because the fighting over the sink…yikes. & a laundry basket in the bathroom helps immensely! A separate shower from vanity would be HUGE. The list goes on!

When we found this fixer upper, this second bathroom was one of the MAJOR pluses in the entire house. It has beautiful built in wall to wall cabinets that are in impeccable shape. It has a separate potty/shower room. It has a massive 8 foot countertop with two separate sinks. & storage, storage, storage. It may be the loveliest shade of bubblegum pink right now, but the bones are spectacular. & I cannot even find a reason to ditch the cabinets, so I am keeping every single one. & leaving the insides pink. What a fun surprise! :)


That blue carpet is actually sitting OVER a big pink tile floor. A lovely addition…(!!!) While this bathroom may have sent many people running I couldn’t get over the size. It is SO big & the storage is superb! So much is just cosmetic!


I knew that I wanted to stay pretty budget friendly on this bathroom and keeping the cabinets sure helps. They will be painted white and get some fun hardware. I knew I wanted a statement floor but the square footage on this bathroom is pretty large for a bathroom. I have looked up and down at cement tile, but it is quite pricey for the amount of space I have to cover, AND I haven’t found a pattern that didn’t feel overwhelming for the space or that I felt like I could live with for a long period of time. It is a BIG commitment! I had settled on a pretty but inexpensive DalTile octagon dot floor when I found THE ONE. I was browsing at a Trade Only tile shop here in town and this line of ceramic tiles caught my eye. I found one that took my breath away & the rest is history. I may not be able to commit to pattern but I sure can commit to stripe and this was IT!


From then on, the bits & pieces of the story came together & I overhauled a few decisions that I had made prior (grey painted cabinets + white floors + quartz counters). I decided to go white on the sturdy ‘ol cabinets, which will help brighten the space, especially the vanity area which has no natural light when the potty door is In a further effort to stay budget friendly, I am going to go with a butcher block counter (time for an ikea trip!) instead of a quartz counter, which will save me about $1500. SCORE. The counters are really, really low (one reason we are removing them in the master) and while great for kids, do feel a little dated. They are made nearly 6 inches higher these days. Therefore, I am going to replace the sink with a vessel sink on top of the wood counter, but one that is still inset, so the bowl still dips below the counter, minimizing splashing. Normally I would run the other direction from a vessel sink–they are NOT my favorite–but they totally make sense on such a low counter top. I also made sure that the bowl profile is very low, making them almost feel like a hefty built in. I know it’s a bit risky going for a wood countertop, but with the amount they are used in kitchens, I figure water and a little toothpaste can’t be that harsh. We’ll see. We can always replace down the road pretty easily if they don’t work out. But I really wanted a warm wood effect amidst all the grey & white! I am going for a fixture with one handle on the kids baths because as pretty as those dual handle faucet sets are, well, an all in one unit means four less handles to keep clean. Practical is what I am after!!


I’m on the hunt for some great vanity mirrors for above the sinks & the wall behind will be shiplapped. I’ll go for industrial style lighting–still deciding on metal shades or glass to maximize light. I am all about making it as bright as possible! :)

In the shower/potty room I am keeping it pretty simple. The pink tub was in great shape so I am having it re-glazed white and keeping it. The three shower walls will be tub to ceiling white subway tile with grey grout. Simple, simple. & we cannot forget how pretty that chrome heater is going to be in there!


I may be more excited about this room than any others so far as that floor is just my fave. Hence, you get to see it first!


But right now, the rest of the house is getting demo-ed. The kitchen is mostly gone (!!!) & almost all of the flooring in the house has been ripped up. The wallpaper gets better & better by the week! It is pretty amazing how different it looks already!


Our rental property is the grossest/oldest/least functional house we’ve ever lived in and I cannot WAIT to call this new place home. It will be worth the sacrifice of taking it slow moving here, I am sure. But I am getting antsy! I will always recommend renting in a new city before buying but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Moving twice & the unsettled feeling just plain sucks. But I am convinced that this is all part of our story and there is absolutely no way we would be doing this renovation if we didn’t live here, in this icky house, because I would have NEVER EVER looked at our new house. Ever. Thank goodness for that estate sale! I am grateful every single day. :)

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