Repeat after me, “spray paint is my friend!”

If I have learned anything after diving into the world of great design, I have learned that you cant just look at an item for what it is, you’ve got to look at it for what it can be! As I have said before, I am all about customizing ordinary items and making them YOURS. There is nothing more boring than walking into a room and being able to tell exactly what store every piece is from. Mix it up!

I was amazed after watching this season’s Top Design show, how much all of these talented designers utilized spray paint, one of my favorite tricks of all time! It is such an easy way to customize items and make otherwise garish, boring or mismatched accessories work in a room. Please please please just follow one rule…tons of LIGHT misty coats, not one thick bubbly one, okay?!?

I have been meaning to replace one of my living room lamps for a while now. I have moved beyond my wrought iron phase and am slowly searching for items to take my style where I want it to be. I fell in love with these lamps (left) but they were not quite right. I loved the feel but not the hue of the shades. With this inspiration in the back of my mind I started looking here & there. I figured I’d stumble upon something eventually. Well…last week at Target I met my match. (Don’t you just LOVE target? I am absolutely amazed at how that store has positioned themselves in the market.) So, on the end cap in the clearance section, I met my project piece. I saw it when it was full price but couldn’t bring myself to pay $70 for a target lamp. But…on clearance, I reconsidered. It was a horrible shade of gold, but it could be pretty much exactly what I wanted, with a few modifications. I snatched it up, proud that I spent under $30 for the lamp & shade. I also grabbed a can of rustoleum hammered metallic spray paint (my favorite new line & finish!) and went to work. I sprayed it very lightly and liked that the gold showed through just a bit & lended itself to a bit of sparkle. When I brought it inside, the sparkle disappeared so I grabbed a piece of sandpaper & roughed it up a bit so the texture became more defined. I must say, it is now just exactly what I wanted! It almost looks like animal print with a hint of metallic glimmer. Perfect!

Speaking of lamps…if I had all the money in the world I would certainly own one of these. I am so drawn to all things mirrored & sparkly these days! I think this piece is just stunning. It’ll only set you back 2G’s. Yikes!

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