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Don’t think I’m abandoning design, people! Several of you were very concerned, and I promise, I will continue to do both!!! For those of you having trouble with my RSS feed, I am aware on it & working to fix it. I know my blogger links aren’t updating…I will get this resolved!

Okay, so now that we’re at that time where we can find out the sex of our baby, everyone is asking and apparently cannot believe my response: NO, WE WANT A SURPRISE! (I know, major shocker coming from the world’s biggest planner, right?!?) But, we plan everything, so this is one of those happy, planned surprises. As soon as I declare we’re not finding out the sex, the immediate next question (following the ::gasp:: “you’re crazy!”) is “well what about the nursery?” Easy, I have two plans; one will come to fruition post baby!

So, let me introduce you to project baby boy room. I thought long and hard about having a soothing, elegant nursery and vetoed myself before I could plan too much. I want this child ot have a vibrant, stimulating entrance into this world, so a vibrant, stimulating nursery it will be! I was so inspired long, long ago when domino magazine (RIP) highlighted the Manhattan apartment of one of the directors of J.Crew. Ever since I saw the spread of this woman’s home, I was so inspired. Mostly though, I loved her little boy’s nursery, really because of the ceiling.

So, this is my inspiration. I will be doing it quite differently, but will certainly incorporate this ceiling (how cool would it be to be laying in a crib & staring at this when you wake up! The walls are actually chalkboard paint, which I am considering because of it’s finish. I wouldn’t let the little mister color on them. So far, we have all our furniture picked out and have a couple pieces in our possession. The walls that aren’t chalkboard will be a pale, pale yellow, in the same color family as the stripes on the ceiling, which are egg yolk, by benjamin moore. I just can’t do white walls!

Our crib is black, to go on a pale yellow wall with white linens. After researching, I will not be using bumpers for at least the first year, so I have plenty of time to find just the right fabric. The two walls that will be black, will have white furniture on them. One tall armoire for toys, with glass doors perfect for a complimentary fabric accent and one dresser (this is my current fave) that will serve as the changing table. I refuse to have a changing table because they are so unnecessary. So, I’ll have the foam pad thing on top of the dresser, with a white cover, until it isn’t needed any longer. I still have to find the perfect not-hideous rocker. I found some awesome white drum lampshades with black piping along the top & bottom and will purchase boyish lamps to match for on the dresser. I am thinking of doing a long mirror over the dresser (which is opposite the crib) so the little guy could look at himself when he wakes up. I also like these crazy mismatched letters so I will start collecting them as I find odd little complimentary pieces, maybe to put above the crib. I dont think I will be able to have a cool lamp overhead though, as I was just reading about the significant decrease in SIDS if there is a fan in the room. Given our climate down here (umm, it’s 96 degrees today, on the 27th of February…gross!) I will likely have to have a ceiling fan. Ugly, but so necessary. I have to give in to some things.

So there it is! Plan A! We both have a gut feeling it’s a boy. And yes, we are aware we are the last opportunity for the family name to be carried on. But, as I always like to point out, it wasn’t my decision! I have an equally good girl room, so either way, this kiddo will be stylin’.


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