The Best Hot Chocolate | the Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vitamix kind

Hi Friends! Happy Friday!! Is is WHITE & SNOWY where you are?! We got our first round this week and it has been FUN! We love the snow and can’t wait for it to arrive. We are outside as much as we are inside when we are lucky enough to get a nice snowstorm and nothing can quite compare to coming back in & warming up with some delicious Hot Chocolate.

Last year, when I made all my big food changes, what I missed the most was a hot creamy beverage. I used to live for lattes. Weaning off them was hard but now that I am on the other side of my whole milk, double shot espresso lattes, I am never going back. I have finally found a local coffee shop that makes the most delicious almond milk lattes I have ever found, but I had never had success heating almond milk myself. Turns out, I was heating it too hot (my sweet barista just explained something about proteins breaking down past 140 degrees & such. More on that here). But enter cashew milk, and it was a whole new ballgame!

My friend Dr. Christine Maren turned me on to the benefits of cashews–not just in their natural state, but also blended into cream and soaked and made into milk. & they have become a staple in our family’s diet ever since. So when my parents gifted me a Vitamix last year, I couldn’t wait to get experimenting. As many of you know, high speed blenders have the capability to warm the contents if you blend it long enough. This is annoying and also totally awesome, but mostly the latter during wintertime! So I am going to introduce you to my perfected dairy free, gluten free, not-quite-sugar free, Cashew Milk Hot Chocolate. & I promise you will not miss that dairy. (or how it makes you feel!!) I have even tricked my whole milk loving husband into enjoying it. He swears he can’t tell the difference anymore & that…well…THAT pretty much speaks for itself! :)

2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_1web



  • 1.5 cups of Cashew Milk (you can make it, but I buy the Silk brand at our local health foods market)
  • 1/3 cup of chocolate chips (I prefer DF/GF Guittard & in this 1/3 measuring cup, I mix 1/3 milk chocolate & 2/3 dark chocolate chips–our favorite blend!)
  • 1/2 tsp of vanilla (not pictured, whoops!)
  • marshmallows (if you like them, we get DF/GF/SF Dandies which are too sweet for me, but my kids love them, of course)


  • set high speed blender on the soup setting (as per your manual’s instructions) & let her whirl!
  • serve immediately for the creamiest, frothiest hot chocolate!
  • ENJOY!

2016_hot chocolate collageLook at that beautiful, frothy finished product!

2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_6web

I can almost taste it. YUM!

2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_2web
This is THE BEST warm treat for those of you who are looking for a healthier, gluten free, dairy free hot chocolate! I am now a HUGE lover of vitamix hot chocolate. YUM!! 2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_3web& hey–have you found me on Instagram yet?? Turns out, I really dig the microblogging thing. I can share all the little things that inspire me without ever sitting at my desk. It’s pretty fun! This week we talked a lot about food. & Kids stuff. & Yoga. FUN! Join me? IG: _styleberry_ I am there a LOT more than here. ;)

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