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I am not a “move in a little” kind of person. When we land, we LAND. & that house becomes home. I am trying very hard to do the same here in my current short term rental (one more room to paint!) but our home in St. Louis was a really joyful place for me. So much there was hard, but we hit the jackpot with our rental. Our landlord let me have free reign with the house and after painting every inch, it definitely felt like home. It is by far my favorite house we’ve ever lived in, despite the really hard chapter we lived in it. The home’s abundance of natural light was always a bright spot amongst a lot of gloomy days. & Everett’s room may have been my favorite. You already saw Caroline’s Rainbow Room, but this–this was ALL boy. The yin to her girly yang. & it was SO fun to create!

After creating Everett’s gender neutral nursery, I was so excited to create a true BOY room. I went all in. Inspired by his love of all things construction, and his obsession with blue, this room was a joy to curate. I collected most of it before we moved to St. Louis and he spent nearly a year in his crib (which was where the tee pee is in these images) before it transformed into his big boy room. I’ll link sources at the end. :)


I fell in love with the idea of a deep almost teal Blue after reading one of our favorite books, Sidney Stella and the Moon by Emma Yarlett. I always find one item that is the inspiration for my whole color palette–and this beautiful book was it!

emma yarlett

Despite the color chip above, the wall color is Jazz Club by Allen + Roth (ar2105), which I found to be the perfect deep moody blue with a hint of teal. It’s not a true navy–there is definitely some green in there, which is part of why I love it.

It wouldn’t be a space of mine without just the right eclectic gallery wall. :) We love filling our home with things that make us happy–and pictures are the first things that make it feel like home. & mismatched pillows. My love of mismatched pillows runs deep.


This teepee is just the bold pop I had dreamed when I first laid eyes on it. It belonged in a room like this and it it my fave! There is nothing better than decorating with beautiful books–so I built another set of these bookshelves to help foster his love of reading that we all value so much. Who can resist those bright books? :)

I also ran into a tricky challenge, as the window frame here was smack up against the corner of this wall. I actually ran the galvanized pipe straight into the wall instead of using an elbow joint like you see on the right. Problem solved! Whew.  styleberry_boy-construction-room_4-blog

I am always on a mission to make themes look modern & fun–not so theme-y. E still calls this his “digger room” and there are just a few hints of his beloved construction equipment. A little goes a long way!


  • Bed: Pottery Barn Belden Bed + Dresser (scored 80% off at the PB outlet in San Marcos!) It doesn’t look like this color is available anymore.
  • Duvet: West Elm Ticking Stripe in Horseradish
  • Sheets: Circo by Target
  • Euro Shams: Ralph Lauren from HomeGoods
  • Geometric Pillow: Paisley Sprouts
  • Patchwork Rag Quilt: Etsy seller, no longer in business
  • Watercolor Construction Art: Flights by Number
  • Curtains: West Elm
  • Galvanized Rod: Lowe’s
  • Lamp: HomeGoods
  • Tee Pee: Land of Nod
  • Pillows in TeePee: West Elm
  • Name Pillow: Anna Joy French
  • Wire basket: HomeGoods
  • Mobile: Gifts Define (remember it here?!! Oh, he was so little!)
  • Arrow Marquis Light: PB Kids
  • Wire Wall Buckets: HomeGoods
  • Wall Color: Jazz Club by Allen + Roth (ar2105)

*please know, many of these items were purchased 3+ years ago–but may still be available if you try hard enough.

I think that’s everything. Who ever said girls were more fun than boys surely never decorated a construction loving little boy’s room–and watched him gasp at the big machines on beloved BLUE walls! SO so FUN!! :)

  • Ali Lang - What a perfect room! It looks fun and relaxing and playful all at once!ReplyCancel

It was Wednesday night & it was gymnastics night. After two hours sitting in a small enclosed space, giving smiles and thumbs ups through the window, I was done. & every single week, the same scenario happened and I braced myself for my rage.

You see, Wednesday often felt like the rest of the world’s Friday. Fellowship life means there is no typical work week, because there are no days off. & as many of you moms know–every day is a work day. It was a solo-parent marathon. Year seven. Eight if you count that year I was pregnant. Everett’s part time Preschool was W-F, which meant I was solo, 24/7 parent from Saturday-Wednesday with no backup. By Wednesday when I dropped them both off at school, it was all I could do to just sit and keep it together.  To take a breath with someone not needing me for like, a second, was divine. It was my recovery. I made a point to go recharge every Wednesday morning at my favorite coffee shop and spend an hour or two writing in my journal, reading my latest book or catching up on texts/emails with friends. It was MY time & nothing got in the way. It was blocked off on my calendar. BUSY. No exceptions. By noon on Wednesdays, my cortisol level had dropped to a reasonable level and I was ready to weather the inevitable frustrations of another long week, knowing I had two more days to work or get uninterrupted housework/grocery shopping/errands done.

But then there was Wednesday night.

It was enough for me to have to sit for two hours straight (dreadful!!) but at the end of our two hour gymnastics classes there was this family. & every week, this family did me in. & let me make it clear–my rage had nothing, not a single thing to do with this sweet family. It was me. MY current state of angry, that was probably written all over my face, that was the problem.

When you have a husband who regularly works 14-21 days straight, then gets maybe one day off (to sleep), who has a regular 3:30am-10pm workday with a pager ringing all night on the days he actually gets to sleep in his own bed– your worldview gets pretty jacked up. This results in having a little two-year-old boy excitedly pointing to the hospital as we drive by, declaring “that’s where daddy lives!” Yeah. Awesome. To which I try to explain that where daddy sleeps is his home, and he sleeps at our house. “Not aw-ways,” says that little blue eyed boy. & I realize that I have to find a better answer, that most nights his dad did come home, he has come and gone while his children were asleep. Home is where Daddy’s family is, I explain. But I am not sure he ever believed me.


(image by Kate L Photography)

I digress. Back to Furious Wednesdays.

So as I am sitting there in this stuffy gymnastics viewing area, waiting for a text from my husband (one of two each day I’d usually receive on time–signaling the end of his second 6-8 hours long case–heart surgery is no joke) I watched this family. & the fire would start to burn. This sweet dad always arrived about 30 minutes before their classes started. (hot button one: DAD WAS AT GYMNASTICS–BEFORE KIDS ARRIVE!! I mean…!) He was clearly coming straight from work and brought Chick Fil A dinner for the whole family. (hot button two: THE DAD SUPPLIED DINNER!I can’t even…) Then all on his own, he set out the sticky mat, and arranged his wife and daughters’ food and cut the berries into little pieces and had it all arranged in a neat little foursome before she even arrived. (by this time I probably had my jaw on the ground or pursed lips, depending on the week…) & then, he went and stood by the door. He waited for his wife’s minivan to arrive and he went out and GOT THE KIDS. (can you imagine?!!!) I mean, like, she didn’t carry a single child into gymnastics. & dinner was all ready to go when she got there. (and that is when my eyes probably turned red.) One week I overheard her complain that he got her the wrong thing and it took everything in my power not to turn and smile (probably with tears welling in my eyes) and scold her for her lack of gratitude. She had a husband, there at gymnastics, who brought DINNER and SET IT UP FOR HER. I cannot count on one hand the times my husband was home for dinner over the course of that last YEAR of fellowship. He never made it to see my kids gymnastics. He was never there. At all. It was me. Always, just me. & my kids. And watching this perfectly sweet, loving family just…hurt. & that hurt, felt like anger.

The part of the story that, in retrospect, still tugs at me is that I couldn’t be happy for them. All I could do was be angry. I was just…Angry. With a capital A. Or maybe all caps. Probably for the better part of two years (seven if I am being honest) because there was a massive, gaping hole in my life.

styleberry_2016_married to medicine

(image by Kate L Photography)

I think all too often we overlook the very real challenge that medical training is for a family. We cling to the “it gets better” fallacy and hold on to our family, our marriages–for dear life. & pray to God we make it through. Many don’t. It’s painfully obvious that medicine and marriage are two things that don’t go together very well. We had more than our fair share of “D word” arguments over the last several years and now that I have had a couple of months of family time, for the first time ever, I can see exactly why. Our life was not sustainable the way it was. It just wasn’t. & if I had reached a point where I was absolutely, 100% ok with only seeing my husband from 4:15-4:30 am and for ten minutes at night (maybe) before he fell asleep passed out, my marriage would have been over.

We fought about dumb shit. We fought about big shit. We were both in such a place of stress and anger, carrying workloads well beyond our capacity, that it could not have gone any other way–except divorce, had we not cared enough to fight at all. & I really believe that to be true. There was a brief point of apathy that crept in and I tried so hard to shut it down. I kept telling myself that the moment I stopped caring, it was over. & I really freaking cared. Things just never seemed to go our way. Days off ripped away, stuck doing busy work at the hospital, pulled to rounds by another attending all the while missing another event/holiday/birthday/celebration/day together.

Residency/Fellowship sucked. It almost broke us. & I want to share this because I really, really want those of you walking this path behind us to know that you are not alone. Because it can feel lonely–doing life without a partner. No one can fill that void.

I tried so very hard to be optimistic (it’s my nature) but I am also not a sugar coater. Managing expectations of the resident/fellow spouse is a very practical way to handle this lifestyle, but how do you thrive when you get to a point where you must have ZERO expectations of your partner? My answer: you can’t. You either decide to get through the suck together, or you give up. Both are ok. It’s a choice. We watched it go both ways for colleagues, yearly.

Back in premarital counseling some 13 years ago, our pastor counseled us on two things that still stick with me. How lucky we were to have him. But I think of them often. They are:

#1: Marriage is not 50/50. It never will be, so you must accept the fact that it will always be off balance, one way or the other. You have to find a balance, or rhythm of imbalance that works for you.

#2: MD: Marriage Daily. One of us may have a real MD after our name, but let it be a reminder that there is another one that deserves an equal amount of respect: Marriage Daily.

There was no Marriage Daily in residency or fellowship. We were depleted and alone and found it very, very difficult to tap into any balance whatsoever. But here we are, eight years of training later and we’re exploring a new groove. A new version of Marriage Daily.

I can now look at intact families without rage, because I am healing my gaping hole. The anger is fading. The burying of so many emotions over such a long time period is stopping. & I am starting to share the load for the first time ever as a mother. I have never had anyone else in the house to do the dishes or put kids in the bath. To hug a little person in tears or read that story just one more time. Or even to snuggle at the end of another exhausting day without feeling like I needed to be somewhere else, doing something “more productive.” I even just ordered two more car seats (can you imagine?!!) We’ve never needed them. Ever. My husband never drove the kids anywhere by himself. He was never with them by himself. That one day off he had every couple of weeks included a lot of that passing out I mentioned earlier. I couldnt leave. He’d fall asleep–and how couldn’t he? Home was the only place he could be where no one was going to die on his watch. It was insane. & I can’t imagine functioning on his (lack of) sleep schedule. But life is changing. I even left on a Saturday to a brunch for our new school and went without hiring a babysitter. He was home on a WEEKEND. & I could leave, alone. First time EVER.

Sound familiar? It takes this life to know this life. Some people never understand. Why you have to get off the phone the second your husband rings through or walks in the door. Why you don’t share vacation time with anyone. The time is so precious. SO precious. There is never enough.

styleberry_when we deny our story by Brene Brown Graphic

So this story, my story, is shared for all of you still trying to survive, alone. Time & time again you’ll hear me talk of “seasons.” That residency/fellowship season was the worst. There was so much good, but there was a whole lotta ugly. But it’s over. This season comes with new challenges, new separations, new expectations, new responsibilities. But it’s different. It’s not smooth sailing, but nothing compares to training.

They say you learn a lot about yourself in the darkness of life. That the tough stuff defines you. & I know this to be true. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I did not live the last few years how I did. None of this is an accident. I am convinced that Everett didn’t sleep as a baby so I would have infinite compassion for my husband, who regularly stayed awake for 36 hours straight. I am convinced that I landed in St. Louis to learn several big lessons. Because as shitty as life was there, I met some truly beautiful people who enriched my life, and my children’s lives, in ways I never expected. My restlessness there took me out into the forest where my kids and I explored and we got the itch to adventure and make that a regular part of our lives forever. It led me to tell color stories in living rooms that weren’t mine where I explored my creativity in a new professional way. The loneliness in such an insular culture made me so grateful for my inclusive community of givers in Texas, a community that I have jumped right back into. Like I had never left. I didnt realize what I had until I was gone. Funny how that happens. It also made me grateful for all the encouragers I have had along the way. Those who have supported me and cheered me on and continued to reassure me in my darkest hour. I am on the other side now. It’s my time to give.

I am not sure what life will continue to hold for me here in San Antonio. Now that the days of being a resident wife and fellowship wife are over, I am now married to the attending. Weird. Military medicine is full of different challenges than civilian physicians face, so we are navigating this new life and figuring out how it is all going to work. I am giving myself a couple of months to settle into our new routine. We opted to rent for the first year here while we decide where to put down our roots, exactly. So this, dated, dark rental poses new creative challenges. & our new school community is an active one. So there is no shortage of ways to fill my time. I am pretty sure I will not be taking any new clients until after the new year. We’ll see. My kids are both in school full time now, & my house isn’t that big. So I may get the itch after I finish painting the whole thing. Which will probably happen next week. A restless creative I am. Always. :)

Here are a few resources for those of you in the thick of residency or fellowship training. Hang in there. Being married to medicine is hard. But as one of my medical friends always said, “you can’t stop time!” It will end. Promise. Sending you a big hug & wishing you a post call day soon!

& I know I have shared this before–but it is so great and spot on & I want to share it as much as I can because it is an excellent, excellent resource.

Thanks for sticking around & visiting this dusty ‘ol blog. She’s due for an upgrade. Eventually. You know, in all my spare time. Until then, you can always catch me on Instagram. :)


  • Beth Santizo - Shawna, I don’t ever comment on blog posts but I just had to on this one of yours. I’m not married to the military, or medicine, but so much of what you’ve written here resonates with me. Being the “default parent” is lonely and frustrating and certainly requires strength to both get through and see beyond the tougher times. You are such a strong woman. Thank you for sharing. And for being so candid and honest, and truly inspiring. Congratulations to you and Tommy – what a beautiful story you two have. xoxo BethReplyCancel

  • Amber - Beautifully written! Thank you for your honesty.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Fulton - And it’s posts like this that continue to inspire me and keep me coming back even after any absence. Thank you for your honesty. Your blog encouraged me through grad school and internship in order to become a children’s therapist. Truth be told, many of us go through complete and utter “Darkness,” depending on the season of life we’re in. Thank you for your authenticity and honesty. I’ve had more than my fair share of this in the past 5 years, but it’s comforting to read someone share many of the same struggles I’ve had!ReplyCancel

  • Rhonda - This made me tear up. I’m married to a doctor. In the middle of medical school we were having babies. And it was so stinking hard. Sometimes I feel like we’re not allowed to discuss being overburdened when you’re married to a dr or especially when we were in med school and residency. I always say when we were in school not when he was in med school!vwe both survived it
    Loved your honesty in this! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Sara - I’m Not married to someone in medicine, but my husband works offshore on a boat for 4+ weeks at a time. When he’s home, he’s often resting, getting into a normal sleep schedule after working nights, and he frequently gets called back early. He has no cell phone reception & has a very short time window of when he can call. I can’t call him unless it’s a true emergency. I can so relate to your post. I’m 39 weeks pregnant with our third daughter, have been alone & really struggling to keep up with my 2 small kids nearly this entire pregnancy. It’s very likely he may not make it to her birth.
    It is so hard to be married when your spouse is really never home. Most people do not understand this kind of life. Not sure I would recommend it to anyone honestly. I’m glad to read that you’re in a new season & things are smoothing out. We are looking forward to a promotion (hopefully in the next year or so) to get to have more time as a complete family. I know when the kids get bigger, he will be home more. They will really need him more as they grow up. Just gotta make it to that point!ReplyCancel

  • Mara - Hi Shawna – I appreciated your honesty and vulnerability. I am happy for you and your family that you are in a new season. Hugs!ReplyCancel

  • Brandi Telles - Oh Shawna you had me in tears. You are such a strong amazing woman. Your family is so lucky to have you! Congratulations on making it through the darkness. Enjoy the light :)ReplyCancel

  • Kaley - Wow, what a big load you have had on your shoulders for such a long time. I can’t imagine what it was like to basically be a single parent for the last 7 years. I was alone for almost 2 years while my husband was in the middle east and it just about did me in. I can totally relate to how you felt at gymnastics, I remember looking at happy little families back then and being so very jealous! I’m so happy for you that you are now on the other side. You are an inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Everett’s Modern Construction Room » styleberry BLOG - […] it definitely felt like home. It is by far my favorite house we’ve ever lived in, despite the really hard chapter we lived in it. The home’s abundance of natural light was always a bright spot amongst a lot […]ReplyCancel

  • Donna Rovito - Shawna, thank you for sharing this emotional synopsis of your life in fellowship (and before!) You’ve nailed it SO well and your words will help others cope!

    Thanks, also, so the shout out to Physician Family ( AND to one of my very favorite Facebook pages, Nurturing Medical Marriages with Kim Blackham. We’re all trying to do the same thing – help good people cope with what can be a VERY difficult life by building connections with other people who GET IT. Good work and best wishes on the next part of the journey!

    (And if you’re ever in the mood to write a blog for Physician Family, just let me know –

  • Ilana - Thank you!
    I often felt the rage, and, being married to an ob-gyn in solo practice, with five kids, I found myself doing everything alone. My kids assume that daddy is not coming with us. I have to remind my 12 year old that he does not automatically get shot gun in the car because that’s where my husband occasionally rides.
    And those intact perfect families, with perfect Sunday plans, two parent drop off and pick up… ugh.
    Everyone keeps telling us to wait. We’ve been married for fourteen years, and I got him in medical school. The while life was waiting.
    So thank you for being honest.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Great post! 2 years left (1 residency and 1 fellowship)….it’s been a long haul. Thank you for sharing your experience.ReplyCancel

  • Nichole - Shawna,
    Your truth telling — thank you. Years ago I read your blog continuously and I only recently rediscovered that you are writing again. I went back and read all the posts. I am so happy to read your words again and to know that there is another mama out there up as early as I am! I relish my quiet mornings and hope they give me the space to be a little more patient and gentle (and forgive myself when I completely lose it because we should already be out the door! in the car! I’m late for work!). I am so glad I rediscovered your space here :)ReplyCancel

  • Cori - You. Are. Amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Erica - AMAZING. Here we are in the last (I really hope he doesn’t add one more year) of 8 years of training after med school for CT Surgery in a super-fellowship that wasn’t needed but so wanted, and I have all the feels. Thank you for writing this. I am with my kids ALL the time. People do NOT understand the pain of pretending everything is fine and that holidays without dad are just as nice. I sincerely thank you for adding your resources and the reminders from your marriage counceling.ReplyCancel

  • The Peacock Farm Project | Dining Room » styleberry BLOG - […] away from each stop with just one friend for life, I am a very lucky gal. My time in St. Louis, as hard as it was, came with a new collection of amazing women I get to add to my lifelong friend list. One of them […]ReplyCancel

Where did these two years go?! We’re almost packing boxes again. This is crazy!!

Several months ago I shared with you my big decision to say YES to a large Interior Styling project and since then, life has looked a bit different. This blog has stayed stagnant (despite the promise of a revival). My floors are a little messier. I am cooking bigger meals, less often. & there has been a shift. A shift of my focus, my heart and my hands. & it hasn’t included much of the internet. I have taken to my new Instagram to share tidbits of my life, but in an ever decreasing “face time” world, I have found myself seeking these real life interactions more than ever. Face to face work, not behind the computer work. & My work is steady, and it has nothing to do with the computer. To say this website is a few steps behind my real life work is an understatement, but one I am strangely proud of. Face to face work is what is filling my soul right now.

styleberry_creative 1 As we are ending the hardest chapter of our medical training life in a mere 84 days, life is going to change yet again. We still have no official orders back to Texas, but that is where we’ve been verbally confirmed for my husband’s next assignment. Despite all logical thought, I keep taking on projects that I know will make me smile–and they do. They are squeezed, squished and snuck in my three days a week without kiddos running around and I truly feel like I have found my life’s work, beyond mothering. I have so many color stories to tell. So much inspiration that needs to come out of my head and into a home. I love making homes beautiful. I love the challenge and the puzzle that each space is–and I love helping families create functional, beautiful spaces. Pretty & Practical is always my motto. & making spaces pretty & practical is what I LOVE to do. So that is what I am doing. & even though it is quiet around this internet space of mine, there is nothing quiet about my life. (Except my daily 5am yoga practice. THAT is quiet that is non-negotiable!)

So thank you for popping back in! Thank you for still cheering me on. Thank you for continuing to share my ever evolving message that finds its way from me to you on this blog, or most likely, Instagram. May you be ever-evolving & sharing your talents, too!


Much of my blogging & internet time has been replaced with books. Real books from the library. & a few inspirational magazines that I love. I have read a few books that I HIGHLY recommend–& you might enjoy them, too!  styleberry_reads

  • The Fringe Hours (an excellent nudge toward making time for you, despite busy mama life.)
  • The Four Agreements (a good reminder of how to “be a better person.”)
  • Flow Magazine (an inspiring, creative haven)
  • How to Raise an Adult (the BEST, BEST book I have read in a long time. This qualifies as one of the very few books that I want to own. It has changed me, how I parent, and how I look toward the future education of my children. If you read one book this year, let this be it! The second half is the best.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.52.40 AM

How can you argue with THAT?!


As we wrap up our time here in St. Louis, I am a very mixed bag of emotions. This season has given us some pretty spectacular relationship lows (as most resident/fellow wives can relate, especially as you weather the eighth year of solo life + parenting). But our stay here has also been rich with programs and museums and nature to enjoy with young children. Have I mentioned how GREEN it is here?! It is really a very beautiful city, with a lot of complicated social issues that permeate the culture. I will look back on this time grateful to be in a place where we had so much to do, but very excited for what comes next for our family. I’m not sad to leave. I am elated/relieved/nervous about the end of 6 yrs of a surgical residency and two years of fellowship. It is time to be done. We must move on. I will most certainly be doing a Mom’s Guide to STL, much like I did for San Antonio before we left. We have done SO much here! & I can’t wait to update the SA one, now that we are in big kid land & all we need to be happy is grass and maybe some sticks, wildflowers to pick and trees to climb. Big kid life is pretty freaking awesome.
styleberry_spring2 styleberry_spring1 styleberry_spring3 styleberry_spring4



  • The stylebabyLOG is still available! You can purchase here. I will be disabling purchasing as it gets close to our move & during our transition, likely through summer 2016. So if you need it before next Fall, now’s the time!
  • My passion for child literacy is keeping my Usborne Book Group hopping! I feature a book a week & share what we love about it. You can join the group here–it is zero pressure. My only goal is to help you get awesome books into the hands of curious kids. If you’d rather skip the group and go straight to shopping, you can shop here.
  • I am not booking any more Interior Styling projects in STL, but plan to open my calendar in San Antonio starting Fall of 2016. I have several projects lined up already, but you can email me if you’d like more information (or to get on my client list) anytime at shawna at styleberrycreative dot com.

Happy Spring!!


  • Allyson howard - I have been a loyal follower for years and want to commend you with your ability to not only juggle all of your responsibilities but to do it with such grace. As much as I miss your regular posts, I’m more than happy to take a backseat as a blog reader so you can prioritize everything you need to do in order to be a happy and healthy woman, wife and mother. Thank you for the inspiration and I look forward to following along with the next set of adventures your family embarks on!ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - Thank you, Allyson!! Some days are much more graceful than others! Mostly, it’s just a juggling act that I never quite master. ;) Xo.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Fulton - Can I just say that EVERYTIME you post something, I find it deeply profound? I’ve been following your blog since I was in the early part of grad school (I got my master’s in counseling) and even though much of what you talk about is a very different type of stage of life than me, you touch on common themes. I remember PRAYING that school would be over, that internship (like residency) would be OVER and that I could just move on with my life…and your blog would talk about a never-ending baby or dealing with pain and loss. It’s not the same life, but you popping up a couple times a year deeply encourages me & I wanted you to know that :)ReplyCancel

    • -shawna- - That is SO nice to hear! & pretty much the only reason that I come back here. We are not alone!! Xo.ReplyCancel

Back in the day I used to do a lot of DIY tutorials around here. It’s been awhile since I walked you though one and after sharing it on IG & getting some “yes, please teach me!” feedback–I thought I would do a super simple one. I love easy projects. & this is such a great one for this time of year!

DIY gaiter by styleberry3

It’s cold out & the kids want to play outside. Their little faces get cold despite all the bundling & I don’t know about you–but I am not a big fan of scarves for kids. All that extra fabric and years of preaching “don’t tie ANYTHING around your neck” led me to a better option. Could I buy one? Sure. Maybe that’s what works for you. Go for it! But just as all my sewing projects come to be, I arrived here out of necessity. Do I love sewing? NO. But… (a) I couldn’t find the color I (they) wanted & (b) I could make it waaaaay cheaper than I could buy it. & I need a few. Quickly. So here’s how we did it!*

*I am a self taught sew-er and I am sure there is a better way to do this/explain this, but this is my version!

DIY gaiter by styleberry



  • fleece: I found ours on sale super cheap at Hobby Lobby (check the remnants bin!) & I bought 1/2 yard for each child. I let them choose their own patterns so they’d be able to pick them out of the pile of snow gear at school
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • pins


  1. Cut fabric into a rectangle.
    • For my 3yo, I cut a 17″ x 21″ rectangle
    • For my 6yo, I cut a 19″x 22″ rectangle
  2. Fold fabric in half, so the short (17/19″) sides are touching, right sides together. This will be the seam up the back of the neck, as the longer length will make the circle around your child’s neck.
  3. Sew down the short side. Double check that the right sides are together before you sew.
  4. Now fold your “donut” so the seam you just sewed is half on the inside, half on the outside of your folded donut. (It kind of looks like a tortellini) The ends of the seam you just sewed will touch, causing the fabric to be open on one side and seamless on the top, where it will touch your child’s face.
  5. Check to make sure you can get the “donut” over your child’s head.
  6. Now it’s time to sew it shut.
  7. Fold the unfinished fabric under, top and bottom. Pin both folded sides together, as pictured.  DIY gaiter by styleberry2
  8. Sew up this seam. I used a zig zag stitch on my machine for this part & pulled the stretchy fleece fabric a bit as I went, so it was a little wider at the bottom than the top, for ease of getting over heads.

There you have it! Now my kiddos are ready for their winter adventures! I spent $1.85 on each half yard of fabric–from which I can get 2-3 gaiters– making these workhorses well under a dollar each. Since noses get extra snotty when it’s cold, it’s awesome to always have a clean one on hand.

DIY gaiter by styleberry4

Any questions?

Oh, & we made the headband she is wearing too! Click here for the DIY Non Slip Headband. :)

Happy sewing!!

  • Sarah - Thank you for a great post/how to! I made one for my son’s 2nd birthday as we have a sledding adventure planned. Turned out great and the directions were perfect. Thank you!ReplyCancel

Hi Friends! Happy Friday!! Is is WHITE & SNOWY where you are?! We got our first round this week and it has been FUN! We love the snow and can’t wait for it to arrive. We are outside as much as we are inside when we are lucky enough to get a nice snowstorm and nothing can quite compare to coming back in & warming up with some delicious Hot Chocolate.

Last year, when I made all my big food changes, what I missed the most was a hot creamy beverage. I used to live for lattes. Weaning off them was hard but now that I am on the other side of my whole milk, double shot espresso lattes, I am never going back. I have finally found a local coffee shop that makes the most delicious almond milk lattes I have ever found, but I had never had success heating almond milk myself. Turns out, I was heating it too hot (my sweet barista just explained something about proteins breaking down past 140 degrees & such. More on that here). But enter cashew milk, and it was a whole new ballgame!

My friend Dr. Christine Maren turned me on to the benefits of cashews–not just in their natural state, but also blended into cream and soaked and made into milk. & they have become a staple in our family’s diet ever since. So when my parents gifted me a Vitamix last year, I couldn’t wait to get experimenting. As many of you know, high speed blenders have the capability to warm the contents if you blend it long enough. This is annoying and also totally awesome, but mostly the latter during wintertime! So I am going to introduce you to my perfected dairy free, gluten free, not-quite-sugar free, Cashew Milk Hot Chocolate. & I promise you will not miss that dairy. (or how it makes you feel!!) I have even tricked my whole milk loving husband into enjoying it. He swears he can’t tell the difference anymore & that…well…THAT pretty much speaks for itself! :)

2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_1web



  • 1.5 cups of Cashew Milk (you can make it, but I buy the Silk brand at our local health foods market)
  • 1/3 cup of chocolate chips (I prefer DF/GF Guittard & in this 1/3 measuring cup, I mix 1/3 milk chocolate & 2/3 dark chocolate chips–our favorite blend!)
  • 1/2 tsp of vanilla (not pictured, whoops!)
  • marshmallows (if you like them, we get DF/GF/SF Dandies which are too sweet for me, but my kids love them, of course)


  • set high speed blender on the soup setting (as per your manual’s instructions) & let her whirl!
  • serve immediately for the creamiest, frothiest hot chocolate!
  • ENJOY!

2016_hot chocolate collage Look at that beautiful, frothy finished product!

2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_6web

I can almost taste it. YUM!

2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_2web
This is THE BEST warm treat for those of you who are looking for a healthier, gluten free, dairy free hot chocolate! I am now a HUGE lover of vitamix hot chocolate. YUM!!  2016_cashew milk hot chocolate_3web & hey–have you found me on Instagram yet?? Turns out, I really dig the microblogging thing. I can share all the little things that inspire me without ever sitting at my desk. It’s pretty fun! This week we talked a lot about food. & Kids stuff. & Yoga. FUN! Join me? IG: _styleberry_ I am there a LOT more than here. ;)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.17.10 PM

& two friendly reminders:

  • the stylebabyLOG is back in stock. YIPPEE! You can find it right up there to the right, in the sidebar. Thank you all for your orders this week!! Every order that has been placed has SHIPPED! So look for those in your mailbox any day now. XOxo.
  • You will now find also find direct links to my Usborne Books & More Website & a link to my Usborne Book-tique group on Facebook in the sidebar on the right, just under the new little glimpse at my IG feed. I am helping you peek inside a book-a-week throughout 2016, since the website doesn’t do these books justice & I want you to SEE exactly why we are SO passionate about these amazing books! All titles covered can be searched by name in the FB group, so you can use it as a resource whenever you’d like! You can join me here. Thank you for shopping with me!! & I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful books!!

Hey mamas!! After much anticipation (and hard work and legal paperwork and printing headaches…!!), I am finally able to share some pretty exciting news: the stylebabyLOG is BACK!

Well. For now. As I sat and really evaluated my business goals for styleberry moving forward, I have decided that I am going to make this the very last print run of the stylebabyLOG. I LOVE this product. I could not have survived my kids infancies without it. I believe in it and I have absolutely LOVED sharing it with you.

But it is time to close a chapter and move on to the next. This is what happens in business. You listen to your gut and follow your passions. & when they shift, and you see new opportunities that make you heart skip a beat, you listen. & that’s when all feels right with the world. :)

So whether you’re a soon to be mama who loves to be organized, or a seasoned mama who loves to write stuff down (because who can remember when you last fed the baby?!), or maybe you are a really great friend who is always looking for a unique baby shower gift–here’s your last chance at my beloved stylebabyLOG! When I am out of inventory, I will be out for good.

I want to thank each of you who have supported me over the last FOUR (ohmygosh!! How has it been that long!!) years since I first launched this third baby of mine. It’s been fun. & amazing. & so so rewarding. & I have absolutely LOVED it.

So thank you! Thank you for cheering me on & coming back here to share how much your stylebabyLOG has helped you. THAT is what makes it all worth the late nights and early mornings. Knowing somethings I dreamed up, made a difference for you. & hopefully, made life with a newborn just a but smoother.

So, one last time I can say, you can get yours by clicking the little yellow button below or in the side bar! When they are gone, they are gone. So stock up if you need to. I swear I will not have a secret stash. I have read way too much from Marie Kondo to ever do that! Thank you for the joy, stylebabyLOG. Now off to happy homes, you go! Xoxo.

Last Run 2016 top






  • Christina - Yay, I am so excited!!! I started reading your blog YEARS ago, and always kept it saved so that I could use it as a reference for when I became a mother… and now I am expecting :) Such perfect timing! Can’t wait to use the log, use your baby food tutorial and so much more! Thank you :)ReplyCancel

Hi friends! Happy New Year! I hope you made your holidays as joyful as possible & enjoyed that extra time with your kiddos. I hope you’ve taken some time for YOU to sit and reflect on the opportunities you took advantage of in 2015 and made peace with those that you let go. I know I am not sad to see 2015 behind me, and am radiantly looking ahead at a huge year of change for our family!

Much of my reflection this year came back to this blog. I so want to be here, but there is a stumbling that occurs every single time. I have the best intentions…but then…life. Much like that goal we have to do that online yoga practice for ONE WHOLE HOUR…and then that big chunk of time becomes intimidating. So we come up with reasons why we can’t. & instead of accepting that all we have is time for a 20 minute practice, we skip it all together. & poof. A month goes by & we don’t move. Well, at least in one important area of life. This is one of those areas that keeps getting the shaft from me. My computer is now tucked in my closet since we downsized when we moved and there is no natural light and I really only have a few hours to myself with part time preschool this year and I want to do this and that and blah blah blah. You know the story. So this brings me to a decision that I made. How can I still be part of the creative community in a way that feels right and good and keeps me connected to all those who inspire me or help me feel connected to the community that I adore? & where can I share so many things that I want to share, but never do? Well. Instagram, of course!

Several years ago I made my personal IG private (leaving it for my friends and family only) and then blocked thousands of people who, as lovely as they may be, just didn’t need to see pictures of my kids with underwear on their head. My children deserve some privacy, too. But as the years go by, IG is continually the biggest source of daily inspiration for me. I have learned SO much from people that choose to share with me & I want to get back into the conversation. I have been holding back on my personal feed because I like business/personal boundaries & didn’t want to flood my friends with anything but kids pictures. But there’s more to my story. So my new IG…well..we’ll call it microblogging. (there’s a hashtag, but I have no idea if that is really a thing. HA!) I really don’t like sitting at my computer during this season, but I do love my iPhone, in moderation. I saw these words flash by several times this week and they’ve made me think–as so often, Instagram does.

stubborn goals flexible methods

So, without further adieu, you can locate me on Instagram under the name _styleberry_.

Have several goals over there:

(1) to add to the beautiful community of encouragement.

(2) to make you think. to make ME think. to share tips and tricks for making life flow a little easier. maybe you get inspired to do more? move more? cook more? explore more? make more? let’s learn from & inspire each other!

(3) to connect. so much of blogging is pseudo connections. Blog comments just don’t really do it for me. I am best nourished face to face, in moderation. But with IG, I can connect to real businesses and real places and if you are there and so am I, please say “hi.” St. Louis has an extraordinary local business community and it’s a pleasure to have so many mom & pop operations as part of my life here. I want to introduce you to them. & then I want to rave about more when we get back to San Antonio and I get to experience the opposite of Texas suburban life. Because living in the city now has helped me learn that suburbia is just not for me. :)

(4) to remind you that you aren’t alone. I promise not to sugarcoat. My life is challenging right now. I solo parent and am six months away from another big move that I will plan for and execute myself and I am hardly the picture of balancing it all. But I am trying to keep my positive voice. Let’s do that together. All we can ever really choose is our attitude, right? It’s ok to say “life is shitty right now, but here is what I am still grateful for…” and intentionally create a positive spin on what is less than stellar. Or sucks. A lot.

(5) to share the pretty. Decorating is what I love. It is what I love to look at. I can’t wait to share my projects, personal and professional, with you.

styleberry bella grace mag

Head on over to IG @_styleberry_ to learn more about one of my new favorite quarterly publications, seen here!! Alongside my favorite local almond milk latte.  :)

Helloo!! When it rains it pours. Suddenly flooded with fun opportunities, I have been busy, busy. In a really great way!

So you know I love books. If you read this blog regularly, you have seen image after image of me and my kids with books. It’s a small obsession of ours and we take reading very seriously around here. Our weekly trips to the library consist of picking 30-40 books to read, in addition to the titles we own, so I have been able to enjoy quite a bit of what is out there & see what really sticks with my kids.

One of the publishers we LOVE is Usborne. I always bought the activity books & a few titles from B&N but I always wanted more than I could find locally. I had NO idea they had consultants, who offered the entire collection, until recently. & after attending a totally online Facebook party that was run in the most beautiful way–I knew I had to be a part of it. Mostly, to build my own library up, but also to help share our favorites with friends. I never, ever thought I would sign up for something like this (because I do have a business to run!!)…but I did. Because books are EVERYTHING. & these books are something special. The more kids who have awesome books, the better. & they absolutely, completely saved me on my 2000 mile road trip with my kids last week. Seriously.


A couple weeks ago I hosted my kick off Book Bash. & while I will not be making this a big thing (I envision a Holiday & Summer online Book Bash) what I would like is to make myself a resource for YOU, to help you find the best books for your children that meet them at their reading level as they grow. My kick off with my friends was so fun & I got such amazing feedback–especially as the books arrived in homes around the country–that I wanted to bring it here. So I am hosting a second Usborne Holiday Book Bash just for my blog readers, this week!

SO…Please join me on Wednesday December 9th at 8:30pm CST for a fast and fun online party, completely on Facebook! I will be continuing to kick off my partnership with Usborne Books & More, publisher of many of our long time FAVORITE books (I couldn’t fit them all on the stack in the picture…). I cannot wait to share some of our tried & true, most loved titles with you—just in time for holiday travel & gifting! There’s no better gift than something wonderful to READ on Christmas morning!!

Usborne Books is the 2014 Children’s Publisher of the Year, offering over 1700 books for babies through young adult.

This is the perfect excuse to stock up on gifts and fun activities that keep kids entertained and boost brain power in the process! We’ll explore some best-sellers, newly released titles, and recommendations personalized to YOU and your families. Books start at $5. I thought about sharing some here…but I am going to save all the good stuff for the night of the Book Bash. You can catch up the following day if you miss the event. December 10th will be the last day to order to ensure Christmas Delivery–so if you are looking for something last minute–I’ve got you covered! & I will be doing some fun things in my personal Usborne Book-tique year round to keep you sane and your libraries fresh.

There will also be prize drawings during the book bash, so make sure to RSVP right away to stay in the loop on opportunities to earn raffle tickets! (Click GOING on Shawna’s Usborne Holiday Book Bash event page so you don’t miss out!) Looking forward to “seeing” you online soon! :) Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.24.56 PM

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  • Mary - Ok, I NEED the “See Inside Trains” book. My boy would LOVE that!!ReplyCancel

  • Katie - I feel so validated :) I just signed up to be a consultant – only to get all these awesome books at a discount…we homeschool and need them!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Hi Shawna,

    I am so excited that you are back to blogging! You have helped me through many mommy issues ever since 2012! I finally pursued my passion of writing my own children’s book, How to Sell Your Sister for Fun and Profit. The book should be ready by the end of January. Would you like me to send you a complimentary copy? Please feel free to email me. I was having a hard time tracking down your info :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Do you have a good library book tracking/management system at home you can share? We always come home with a ton of great books & then we enjoy them all around the house & then the morning they are due back I find myself frantically searching every room in the house and the car for all the books. It’s gotten so bad, I have developed an aversion to the library & all the stress it inevitably causes!ReplyCancel