and we almost had a dead cat…

It’s no secret around here that I am expecting my first little one in a couple of months. In fact, this week marked the beginning of my third trimester and after getting a lecture from my sweet OB last week, I am taking her words to heart and trying my best to slow down. I am not very good at taking it easy, it’s just not in my nature, but I am trying. I will be shooting once per week until July 15th, and then I will be taking a break until the end of October. :) Wow, time is flying! 

I’ve been nailing down my two baby room designs (one boy & one girl) to get my shopping list ready for after we meet our itty bitty surprise. I keep walking into the baby’s room and staring at the empty crib thinking how surreal it is that there will be a little person in there in no time. It’s a very strange feeling, to have wanted this for so long but still be in denial that it is happening. Both of us think it’s our greatest job in life to be a parent and it really is all we’ve ever dreamed of being. Not that our careers aren’t important, but above all else, we have wanted to be parents. I can remember being 16, sitting at central park talking about our future (yes, we’ve been together that long!) and we have always, always discussed “our family.” We’ve been dreaming of this for a decade. Poor kid’s gonna have a lot of pressure & more love than it will probably be able to stomach! 

[this is what “designing” looks like in my house…choosing the girl colors, which ended up the three on the right, magenta, black & grey–thank you Lauren for the grey idea!]


I feel like I am so behind, like I have nothing, but really, what will I need the first couple of weeks? It will be CRAZY hot & onesies & diapers will do. Poor kid’s going to be naked & posing for baby pictures most of the time anyway…;) [if only i was kidding] We have the car seat, diaper bag, crib, mattress & stroller and a few random items things I’ve found. That’s about it for now. I suppose I need sheets for the crib…but the baby wont sleep in it right away, so what’s the rush. This is so not like me, but how can I be completely prepared for the biggest unknown in my life? I have no idea what I am in for! I was wondering if you can help me out…I know a lot of wonderfully experienced mamas check this blog out & I would love your advice (so leave me a comment!!)…

what do I really need right away? What could you NOT have lived without the first few months with your babies? 

Oh, and to get to the title of the post…I noticed our recently assembled stroller looked a little lopsided yesterday and upon further examination…well…now the title makes sense?


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