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A Birthday Book Swap & Kiwi Favor Fun!

Yes, I fully realize that as I sit here & share this, I still have not finished everett’s first birthday images. Poor, sweet second child. I’ll share soon enough, but my first baby just turned FOUR! (sad!!) & we wanted to do a little something different for her this year. :) My husband and I […]

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sprinkle pancakes & a special girl who is TWO!

It came & went. As fast as she was one, she was two. & that day, I had the perfect words. I wrote them in her pink moleskine journal that I’ve been writing in since she was born & in that journal they will stay. Words from mother to daughter. Just for her. & no […]

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the mama wisdom tree | styleberryPARTY Pt. 8

I saved the best for last. Seriously. This might be my favorite gift that I have ever made for someone. It’s filled with so much wisdom…and aptly named her wisdom tree. :) Baby showers come & go. Sadly, so do baby socks and bibs and blankets. Not much sticks around & I wanted to change […]

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DIY tissue paper pom poms | styleberryPARTY Pt. 7

I have been on a major DIY kick lately. I have several fun projects ready to post…so get ready to get creative! I like big decorations. Big decorations that don’t cost a lot & aren’t cheesy. I first tackled the tissue paper pom pom for caroline’s first birthday party last year & have made oh…fifty […]

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rice krispy treats & the tablescape | styleberryPARTY Pt. 6

Well. Life sure has taken me on a tangent here lately! A happy tangent, but a tangent nonetheless. Back to the styleberryPARTY series! :) I still have DIY tissue paper pom poms & a DIY sweet and sentimental collaborative gift on the agenda & then…lots of photography to share! :) I swear I could post […]

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pink party punch | styleberryPARTY Pt. 5

The perfect party punch. Ice cold. Sweet. Fizzy. That pretty much covers it. Oh, and PINK! This party punch has been a family staple for as long as I can remember. Holidays, birthdays, events & gatherings…all had one thing in common: my mom’s pink sherbet punch. The best part is—it’s the easiest thing ever. Three […]

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chocolate dipped marshmallow pops | styleberryPARTY Pt. 4

Happy Monday! The chocolate dipped marshmallow pops might be the most requested post of the series. Hope you enjoy–they are YUMMY, CHEAP, EASY & make a STATEMENT! I wanted mine to look pretty, not all drippy & messy. & I figured out how. After making a mess, of course. ;) Enjoy! Ingredients large marshmallows (they […]

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details, details, DIY details! | styleberryPARTY Pt. 3

I have always been a detail oriented person. I think that the real separation between good & great is in the details. The grammar. The presentation. The accessories. Details matter & more often than not, they become the most important part. I really enjoyed putting together little budget friendly things for this shower. I am […]

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